Israel Helps Moslem Azerbaijan Crush Armenian Christians

In Nagorno-Karabakh, Christian Armenians are fighting for their freedom from the brutal Moslem tyranny of Azerbaijan. It should come as no surprise that Israel – “the Jewish State” – is aiding the Moslems against the Christians.

Daily Telegraph:

Israel has handed Azerbaijan the upper hand in its war with Armenia over the breakaway enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh by selling it drone weapons Armenian forces have little defence against.

In the recent flare-up of fighting, Azerbaijan has used Israeli-made ‘kamikaze drones’ that can take out Armenian tank and artillery positions dug into Nagorno-Karabakh’s mountainous terrain.

Because they held strategic high ground, the tanks and artillery had previously made the enclave’s defences almost impossible for Azerbaijani forces to recapture.

This might bring an end to nearly 30 years of rough stalemate in the conflict, which began in 1988 when Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh fought to secede from Azerbaijan.

The drones – also known as ‘loitering drones’ – can circle a target for hours and then dive down to self-destruct with a payload of explosives.

While Israel maintains diplomatic relations with both Muslim-majority Azerbaijan (although it a secular state) and Christian Armenia, their sale has now become a contentious issue.

Last week, Armenia withdrew its ambassador to Israel in protest at “Israel’s supply of ultra-modern weapons to Azerbaijan”.

The move was seen by diplomats as a tacit admission that Armenian forces are suffering heavy losses in the conflict, which has already claimed at least 260 lives.

Commanders in Nagorno-Karabakh have confirmed at least 160 military deaths, while Azerbaijan has not given out casualty figures.
Dr Neil Melvin, director of international security studies at the Royal United Services Institute, said: “The drones have opened up a weakness in the Armenian military position by diminishing their ability to use high ground to dominate the battlespace. If the Armenians feel their military dominance is not as effective as it was, that may mean they are more willing to negotiate.”

Netanyahu shakes the hand of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in 2017

A top Azerbaijani official recently boasted about their cooperation with Israel to Israeli news media.

Times of Israel:

The Azeri military has been using Israeli-made attack drones during the recent uptick in violence with neighboring Armenia, Hikmet Hajiyev, assistant to the president of Azerbaijan, said in an interview with the Israeli Walla news outlet Wednesday.

Heavy fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh continued for a fourth straight day on Wednesday, in the biggest escalation in years of a decades-old conflict that has killed dozens and left scores of others wounded.

In the interview, Hajiyev said that his country has used Israeli drones, including loitering munitions, or “kamikaze drones,” in the recent round of fighting and lauded their effectiveness.

“Hats off to the engineers who designed it,” Hajiyev said.

He also said that the Azeris “very much appreciate the cooperation with Israel, especially the defense cooperation.”

Israel and Azerbaijan enjoy security and import agreements and it is speculated that Israel supplies 60 percent of the Azeri military’s armaments, while Azerbaijan supplies a large amount of natural fuel to the Jewish state.

Asked about recent sightings of Azeri cargo planes that reportedly landed in Israeli military bases, and if Israel was supplying Azerbaijan with weapons for the current round of fighting, Hajiyev said he didn’t think so and brushed the question off, citing the defense agreements between the two nations, and noting that they are not a secret.

Muslim Turkey is also helping Azerbaijan crush Armenian resistance.

Armenian officials alleged that Turkish drones and F-16 fighter jets were being used. Turkey has denied supplying Azerbaijan with arms, and Azerbaijan said it didn’t have any F-16 jets.

The conflict escalated on Tuesday, with Armenia alleging Turkish involvement and claiming that a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down an SU-25 from its air force in Armenian airspace, killing the pilot.

For more than 1,400 years, Moslems and Jews have cooperated violently against Christians. In one of the earliest Islamic texts, known as the Constitution of Medina, Jews were declared to be part of the Ummah and to share the enemies of Moslems. Indeed, the case has been made that Islam itself is a Jewish construct designed to secure a zombie army that could be used as a battering ram against Christendom. Historian Patricia Crone called this fusion of Arab and Jew the “conspiracy against civilization.”

Judaic values had acquired the backing of barbarian force, and barbarian force had acquired the sanction of Judaic values: the conspiracy had taken shape. 

Hagarism [the early Islamic movement] had caught and fused the alienation from civilisation of both the ghetto and the desert.

A recent poll of religious voting intentions showed that Trump’s ratings were lowest among Moslems and Jews. After 1,400 years, the conspiracy against civilization remains strong.