Israel Leaking Details of Brandon’s Iran Talks to Republican Anti-Iran Activists

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Israel is our greatest ally and the only democracy, but don’t cross them or they will leak your communications.

But they are our greatest ally ever, and we love their great respect for who we are in a democracy.

We have to fight wars for them though because they are so friendly, and if we try to get out of those wars that we have to fight, they will drive a knife straight into our back.

But also, they are God’s chosen ones, so don’t complain about what they do. You can’t complain, because of the Holocaust.


White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan in a tough call with his Israeli counterpart last week expressed concern that Israel is leaking information to the press about indirect talks between the U.S. and Iran, three U.S. and Israeli officials told Axios.

Recent press reports by Axios and other media outlets about the indirect talks, which have been confirmed by Iran but not officially by the Biden administration, generated criticism among congressional Republicans, who are demanding the Biden administration seek congressional review for any agreement with Iran.

The talks are aimed at reaching understandings on Iran’s nuclear program and regional de-escalation.

Israeli national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi and Ron Dermer, Israel’s minister for strategic affairs, met Sullivan at the White House in early June and were briefed in detail about the indirect talks, two Israeli officials said.

“We are trying to do what we can to get on the same page with the U.S. and we will continue to try and do that,” Dermer said at an American Jewish Committee conference in Tel Aviv shortly after the meeting, adding the discussions at the White House were “open, frank and candid.”

Yeah, that would have been your first mistake. They are our greatest ally and the chosen ones, but any information you give them they will use against you.

It doesn’t really matter – they would have just gathered this information through intelligence.

They are the best friends of America, but they spy on everything our government does.

It’s sort of like if your mother cut a hole in the wall so she could watch you masturbate.

Most press reportsabout the talks began to surface in June, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israeli lawmakers in a classified Knesset hearing that the U.S. was working on a “mini-agreement” with Iran.

In hiscall with Hanegbi last week, Sullivan mentioned frustrations around Netanyahu’s remarks,according to a senior Israeli official.

Hanegbi told Sullivan that Netanyahu must speak about the talks with Israeli lawmakers because he is being criticized by the opposition, according to an Israeli official. Henegbi stressed, however, that the prime minister is limiting his public remarks about the issue as much as possible, the Israeli official said.

Hanegbi also stressed to Sullivan that under guidance from Netanyahu, he gave several interviews in recent weeks in which he emphasized coordination with the Biden administration on Iran is better than ever.

Israel officially objects to any new deal with Iran, but Netanyahu has not campaigned against any possible understandings between Tehran and Washington as he did during the negotiations of the 2015 nuclear deal.

Sullivan claimed during the call that a lot of the information in the press was inaccurate and didn’t reflect what was being discussed in the indirect talks with Iran, the U.S. official said. It’s unclear what exactly in the reports the Biden administration sees as inaccurate.

One U.S. official said the feeling at the White House was that Israel was behind the leaks and was also feeding Iran hawks in Congress with the same information directly and indirectly.


Bibi called up Dan Crenshaw to be like “have you heard about what this guy Brandon is doing this time???”

This is happening at the same time that the US is trying to bully Israel into supporting the war in the Ukraine.

The reasons the Israelis don’t want to support the US in the Ukraine are complex, and relate in part to their own relationship with the Russians, who control Syria.

However, the big reason is that the Israelis want the US to fight a different war – one against Iran.

It is totally and fully understood now that the Jews in the Bush Administration hoaxed the Iraq War under the pretext that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction.” Now, they want to do the whole thing over again.

However, many Jews are more concerned about fighting a war against Russia than they are with Iran, so you have a standoff as to where the stupid goyim should be sent to kill and die in the name of their masters, the chosen ones.

Bibi Netanyahu has an extremely dominant personality, and he has always had a lot of private money in America backing him up and allowing him to use all of the public money he gets from the US for his own purposes. That said, he is falling out of favor pretty quickly.

What the Ukrainians told him was that by refusing to give the Ukraine some of the weapons that the US gave him, he was going against the wishes of “the global Jewish diaspora,” or what I generally refer to as “International Jewry,” or simply “The Jews.”

I’m sure the international Jew community would also support a war with Iran if there was an unlimited amount of goyim energy to expend on wars, but most Jews who do not live in Israel view Russia as the bigger threat.

People like Dan Crenshaw, Lindsey Graham, and whoever else Israel would be in contact with support every war for the Jews, but if they were asked, because they are bought by Israel, they would probably say Iran is a bigger threat than Russia. But I don’t think they would ever be asked.

Israel’s entire strategy revolves around threatening to start a war with Iran and then forcing the US to join them. What the “Iran Deal” that Obama made did was prevent Israel from being able to do that.

I don’t know the ins and outs of this, about who is Jewing who. I do know that when Antony Blinken (Jew) was campaigning for Biden, he told the neocons (Jews) that there was no interest in restarting the Obama deal that Donald Trump dissolved. By the time the election was over, he started talking about diplomacy.

It’s totally unclear why Iran would be interested in talking to the US at all, because the US changes governments back and forth like a woman changes outfits, and so if one president can dissolve a deal another president made, then making deals with the US is retarded.

But hey – I guess Iran doesn’t want a war, and they’re willing to do whatever they can to avoid it. It’s sort of funny that those are the dynamics, while Israel is claiming that Iran is planning to attack them for no reason. It’s literally the opposite of what the Jews claim – Israel is planning to attack Iran for no reason (in fact, they regularly attack them for no reason in various ways) under the premise that the reverse could occur.

This is the entire history of the last 100 years – the Jews just go around bullying and threatening everyone, using America as their puppet. Although it might look weird to us, it is logical enough that the Jews would argue about who they’re going to bully next.