Israel Says Enemies Will Get the Gaza Treatment, Threatens to Wipe Iran Off Planet

Due to technology allowing the entire planet to witness the unhinged behavior of the Jews, this time around, the consequences may be worse than previous times in history.

New York Post:

Israel vowed Friday to launch a full-scale military attack against Iran if its terror group Hezbollah joins the ongoing war, according to a report.

Nir Barkat, Israel’s Minister of Economy, warned that it would “eliminate Hezbollah,” their proxy terror group in Lebanon, if it follows through on threats to throw its military support behind Hamas.

Nir Barkat, Israel’s Minister of Economy

“The plan of Iran is to attack Israel on all fronts. If we find they intend to target Israel, we will not just retaliate to those fronts, but we will go to the head of the snake, which is Iran,” Barkat told the Daily Mail.

“The Ayatollahs in Iran are not going to sleep good at night, we are going to make sure they pay a heavy price if, God forbid, they open the northern front.”

If Israel discovers Hezbollah is fully opening a war front on Israel’s northern border, the IDF will launch an unforgiving charge against Iran, which Barkat said is synonymous with Hezbollah.

The terror group “will not escalate without the order of Iran,” he said, adding that there is a “global alignment of evil” between Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Lebanon and Hezbollah are going to pay a heavy price, similar to what Hamas is going to pay. But that’s not enough,” Barkat said.

“The very clear message is that we are going to be going after the heads of Iran as well. When will we do that? When we decide.

Israel has a very clear message to our enemies. We are saying to them, look what’s happening in Gaza – you are going to get the same treatment if you attack us. We are going to wipe you off the face of the Earth.”

It’s not good behavior.

These people look insane, and appear totally oblivious to the global PR disaster that is being created for Jews as a group.

Speaking of “Jews as a group,” that has really become a “mask off” type situation.

They usually have this very manipulative way of talking about Jews as both a group and individuals – a group when they are victims and individuals when it is possible that they could ever be held responsible for any behavior or action. Then there was a separate narrative separating Israel as a “state,” and then any Israeli government action, from any notion of collective Jewish identity. That whole narrative structure isn’t really being maintained.

It feels very much like “WE THE JEWS are bombing hospitals and churches and starving a bunch of children to death as revenge for something everyone already forgot about.”

I know that I see things differently, so I’m trying to look through the lens of an average viewer, and that is of course technically impossible, but insofar as I am able to perceive the thought processes of a normal “goyim” TV viewer, it appears that Jewish group identity and Israel are the same thing, and that every single Jew on earth identifies with Israel and supports the actions of the Israeli government.

There are some “Jews for Gaza” type things, but this appears to actually be downplayed by the media. I say “feels,” so again, we’re talking about anecdotal data, but I feel pretty strongly that polling would show that the average person believes something close to 100% or literally 100% of Jews fully endorse all Israeli government action.

There is just so much public wagon-circling going on, that Jews are, as a result of their unhinged state, giving the impression of a swarm of insects.