Israel Cuts Off Internet, Phone, All Communications Across Gaza for Next Phase of Genocide

This makes reasonable sense.

It’s pure anti-Semitic hate to communicate to the others about crimes Jews are committing against you.

Israel has a right to defend itself against children calling people and telling them about how Jews are starving them to death.

The Guardian:

Israeli air and ground forces are stepping up their operations in the Gaza Strip, Israel’s chief military spokesperson said late on Friday, amid exceptionally heavy bombing and a communications blackout across the embattled territory.

After nightfall, frequent explosions from airstrikes lit up the sky over Gaza City. The Red Crescent, the World Health Organization, Médecins Sans Frontières, Unicef and other aid groups said they had lost all contact with their staff in Gaza. The Palestinian phone service provider, Paltel, said its phone connections and internet services had been cut off.

“In the last hours, we intensified the attacks in Gaza,” said the Israel Defence Forces spokesperson, R Adm Daniel Hagari, adding that aerial attacks had been targeting Hamas tunnels and other targets. “In addition to the attacks that we carried out in recent days, ground forces are expanding their activity this evening,” he said. “The IDF is acting with great force … to achieve the objectives of the war.”

In Ashkelon, an Israeli seaside town seven miles (12km) north of the Gaza border, the constant thump of detonations could be heard as helicopters and warplanes flew to and fro along the seafront. The road north was busy with people who had put off their departure until the last minute.

Mark Regev, a senior government adviser, said Hamas would pay for its crimes. “Tonight we are starting payback,” he said. “When this is over, Gaza will be very different.”

Hamas’s military wing said in a statement that it was confronting Israeli forces in the areas of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza and Burej in the centre of the territory – both entry points that have been used by IDF forces in previous conflicts.

It’s strange that it’s escalating.

We have like, zero information about this, but the general understanding – which had its root in some public statements from Biden people, as well as news reports – was that the State Department was telling Israel to chillax.

Then: they roll deep and go way harder.

I still don’t think there is going to be a ground invasion. Even if they kill all the terror babies, Hamas still has food in their tunnels, and will pop out and pop off and disappear back into the ground. The fact that everything is now rubble actually probably makes it worse for any Jew soldiers who would attempt an incursion.

They drove tanks in and back out the other day. This is stupid. The only option they have is street-to-street combat. No possibility of a positive outcome.

But hey – they can bomb and starve the entire civilian population, which I guess is a big win?

Pretty bad optics.

I don’t know if people understand this, but Hamas is in the tunnels. No Hamas is suffering for this.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.