LOL: Senate Blocks Israel Handout, Demanding It be Combined with Ukraine Handouts

Jews squabble over who gets to loot the American treasury

So, what happened was, the Republican-controlled House split the funding bills. Brandon wanted one bill with money for both Jew wars, and the Republican shitbags only wanted to fund Israel Jews.

So they passed the bill, giving a shit-ton of American taxpayer money to the blood-guzzling kikes in Israel, but now the kikes in the Ukraine are running out of blood to guzzle.

So the Democrat-controlled Senate blocked the blood money for Israel, saying they want all Jews to have infinity money for their mass murder agendas.

It’s pretty funny.


Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a House bill that would have provided emergency aid to Israel without funding to Ukraine, demanding the Republicans agree to President Joe Biden’s $106 billion bundle request instead.

The White House proposal has sought to combine the aid for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and migration policy – presented as “border security” – in order to overcome opposition by some Republicans to continued funding of Kiev.

The Republican-majority House of Representatives, however, passed a $14 billion standalone package for Israel last week, to be offset by cuts to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“Time is of the essence and it’s imperative that the Senate not delay delivering this crucial aid to Israel another day,” Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas said on Tuesday, urging the Democrats to agree to the House bill.

“Our allies in Ukraine can no more afford a delay than our allies in Israel,” replied Patty Murray of Washington, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

It’s really a stunt.

Democrat voters don’t like the Israel genocide thing, but they love the slaughter in the Ukraine, so Democrat politicians want to be able to say “we had to fund the Gaza genocide so we could slaughter Russians.”

It’s really funny.

It’s so ridiculous to have two Jew wars and Americans arguing over which Jews should get the most free money to murder non-Jews.

It’s sickening, but you have to admit. It is funny.