Israel Scraps Vax Passport Because of Decreased Fake Infections

Okay, so now Israel – which has been the canary in the coal mine this whole time – is claiming they are doing away with the QR code system.

Meanwhile, the WEF is saying openly that the “green pass” is the basis of a digital identity, and will be a permanent fixture of life in the Great Reset, where we are all going post-human.


Israel will soon end its Covid-19 ‘green pass’ system, doing away with the vaccine card as officials point to a significant decline in severe cases and an end to the Omicron surge.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced the move on Thursday, declaring that “the wave of the Omicron has broken” and that there is now a “sharp drop” in the number of serious infections.

“Earlier today I had a discussion with the Minister of Health and other officials. We will stop using the green pass,” he said in a statement, adding that additional measures would be relaxed “in the coming days.”

The decision to abolish the vaccine pass comes days after thousands poured into Jerusalem to demand an end to the country’s Covid restrictions, with demonstrators dubbing the action a “freedom convoy” similar to those seen in Canada in recent weeks, some even waving Canadian flags.

It is obvious that this is “one step back after the great leap forward.”

There is zero chance that this stuff is going away forever.

There will be another variant, or some other thing.