Israel: Suspiciously, 100,000 Protest Against Netanyahu and His Endless War

Frankly, these protests are likely being organized by American Jews. The previous protests against Bibi were clearly organized by American Jews.

Bibi has put the American Jews in between a rock and a hard place. They can’t keep control of their own supporters, and they definitely cannot turn against Israel.

Chuck Schumer calling out Bibi and demanding he be removed seems like an admission that him and his folks are behind these protests.

Some of the protesters are legitimately upset that Bibi is not trying to free the hostages, and is instead obsessed with murdering children for no reason. But the majority of the Israelis support Bibi.

There is always some portion of people who are against the government no matter what that you can stir up. The US has done these protests in Russia, where Putin is one of the most popular leaders in the world. Putin is more popular now than he was in 2020 when the US was organizing protests, having won with 88% of the vote in the recent election. Bibi would probably win something similar at this point. He’s incredibly popular.

The Guardian:

Tens of thousands of Israelis took to the streets on Saturday to protest against Benjamin Netanyahu, as Israel’s war in Gaza reached its half-year mark.

Organisers said about 100,000 people converged at a Tel Aviv crossroads renamed, Democracy Square, since mass protests against controversial judicial reforms last year.

Chanting “elections now”, protesters called for the Israeli prime minister’s resignation, with the war in Gaza set to enter its seventh month on Sunday.

Rallies were also held in other cities, with Israel’s opposition leader Yair Lapid taking part in one in Kfar Saba ahead of his departure for talks in Washington.

“They haven’t learned anything, they haven’t changed,” he said, adding, “until we send them home, they won’t give this country a chance to move forward.”

Israeli media said clashes had broken out between protesters and police at the Tel Aviv rally and police said one protester had been arrested.

Later, the protesters in Tel Aviv were joined by families of Gaza hostages and their supporters.

You can see it’s mostly women.

They are the easiest to stir up.

Maybe some right-wingers might try to spin this as “see, the people of Israel don’t even support him.” I thought that for a while. Then I saw the data, and the recent elections in Israel. If anything, the people of Israel are further right than Bibi.

If you act like the majority of the people of Israel are against Bibi, the whole thing becomes very simple, and he just needs to be removed from office and the problem will be solved. That’s not real, however. If he is removed, someone the same or worse is going to replace him. Again, it’s similar to Russia: Putin got 88% of the vote, and most of the 12% went to people who are saying Russia needs to go harder on the Ukraine.

Bibi represents the average Israeli. He probably doesn’t necessarily represent the average American Jew, but that isn’t really relevant to anything. There is no solution to the Israel war problem, other than taking their toys away. As long as they have infinity weapons, they are going to use them, regardless of who is in power.

The Americans want to replace Bibi with Benny Gantz. All of his policies are the same as Bibi’s and he’s in the war cabinet. Gantz would maybe be a less brutal figure than Bibi, in terms of his public image, but he would do all of the same things. It’s a total nonstarter.

Frankly, if Gantz were to replace Bibi, he would himself be replaced soon enough by someone more hardcore. Bibi is basically playing the role of moderating the Israeli people. Most of them are calling for Israel to start a war with Iran that would force the US into direct conflict.

That is the situation. As long as Israel is allowed to do whatever they want with infinity weapons and money from Americans, they are going to be slaughtering people.