BUSTED: American Jews Were Doing Insider Trading Before October 7 Hamas Attack

Well, I called this one, didn’t I?

Nah, it wasn’t a hard call.

I sure am good at making calls though, no? I told you the financial transactions would eventually prove (much more effectively than intelligence reports) that Likud knew that this was going to happen and let it happen on purpose.

Bibi wanted an excuse to start wiping out his enemies.

This is one of the most important news items ever. Or, rather, it will be if Bibi is able to turn this thing into a world war, which is clearly what he is trying to do by committing this slaughter.

Don’t expect this story to get much play in the Jewish media. lol.


Some traders may have been informed about the Hamas plan to attack Israel on October 7 and used that knowledge to make millions of dollars by short-selling Israeli securities, a study by US researchers published on Monday suggests.

Law professors Robert Jackson Jr. from New York University and Joshua Mitts of Columbia University examined trading in exchange-traded funds that invest in Israeli companies, as well as short-selling activity on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and options activity around Israeli firms traded on US exchanges.

Short-selling is aimed at making a profit on an asset that is expected to drop in price. The seller “borrows” a security and sells it on the open market with the goal of buying it back later at a lower price and pocketing the difference.

I know what short-selling is, nigger.

Come on!

(No, but seriously, if you ever want to explain to someone why Jews shouldn’t be running every Western country, ask them if they understand what short selling is. Then have them explain it or explain it to them. And then just shrug, like “yeah, I mean.”)

Researchers found significant short-selling of shares leading up to the attacks that triggered the Israel-Hamas war.

Days before the attack, traders appeared to anticipate the events to come,” they wrote, citing short interest in the Israel Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that “suddenly, and significantly, spiked” on October 2 based on data from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

The ETF is commonly used as a way for people to make investments in Israel, which on any given day has around 2,000 shares shorted. On October 2, that number shot up to over 227,000 shares, the study revealed.

Okay, so this paper was published by SSRN. I just perused it. I might read the whole thing tomorrow, but it’s clear that they prove the point. If you just look at the charts, you see it can’t be denied. I’m not Mr. Charts, but I am always trying to get in on crypto rug-pulls because it’s my only source of income given that my readership – while my very dear and personal friends – are very confused about how to send me crypto (I love them still, truly, with my whole heart, even as I am forced to spend a dozen hours a week looking at charts so as to get in on scam coin rug pulls).

Anyway, you can read the paper here (people should probably save copies; this really settles the matter and there’s going to be a push to pull it down). They do the correct placebo tests and prove, beyond any doubt, that unless there was some other secret event planned for October 7 that would affect Israeli companies (and for some reason didn’t happen), Wall Street knew about the attack.

That is to say: the study proves, absolutely, that people on Wall Street knew that something was going to cause Israeli stocks to drop on October 7. So what I just said, and this is maybe confusing, is the only way this could mean they didn’t know about the attack is if there was another event that they thought was going to happen on October 7 that didn’t end up happening. I know that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem statistically possible, but the point is: they did know about the attack. Wall Street is run by Jews, obviously, and Jewish bankers have connections to Israeli intelligence. And a Jew banker is not going to blow the whistle on a terrorist attack that he can make money off of.

This sort of behavior from the Jews is one of several different reasons that I oppose the Jews being the absolute dominant ruling elite in the Western world.

Here are some of the charts:

Here’s the thing: the foreknowledge proves that Bibi wants to expand this way beyond the current Gaza war.

He wants a war with Iran that is so extreme that it forces Sunnis to align with him.

He believes it is not possible for Sunnis and Shiites to come together, because like every other politician in the Western world, he bases his plans on “common wisdom” from think tanks who base their views on “common wisdom” from other think tanks, who ultimately base their views on books written by people who want jobs at think tanks because they pay well and will write whatever will get them the job which is whatever the politicians want to hear.

A Sunni-Shia alliance against the Jews is very far from impossible, and if you see this war spread, you’re going to see the balance of power theory collapse, and if Saudi tries to shield Israel, the royal house is going to fall.