Happy 4th of July, Everyone

American identity might seem a little complicated at the moment, but we shouldn’t forget who we are.

It’s easy to be critical of the relevance of independence from Britain in light of the current dynamics of the world, where the US government is the oppressor of the British and many other states across the world, forcing people to do anal, mutilate their kids, put women in control, sell all the resources to Jews, and so on.

We find ourselves in the same position as the British, and view them as brothers in the struggle against the Jews. We don’t really have any more freedoms than they do at this point, and aside from a brief period in the last few decades, when we had less political correctness and few other things, we’ve never really had more freedom than them.

The war itself was probably a good thing, in the overall history of the world. We seem to have done better than Canada and Australia (though those are also much smaller nations). But it might feel a bit strange to be celebrating a war with them, if you’re over-thinking things.

But you would definitely be over-thinking things.

The historical context of the war against the British is really irrelevant. Independence is a part of our national mythology. We are a unique group of people, in a unique place, with a specific identity, and July 4 is a way to mark and remember that identity.

We should never let them take away our identity, and redefine it as the Jews’ definition of “American,” which is “Americanism,” a global movement against the natural order of the universe. We have a real identity as a real people. We have a land, language, a series of symbols, and a unique way of behaving and interacting with one another. We have art and culture that exists separately from that of the rest of the world. We are a nation.

We need to be proud of that identity if we wish to defend our country from the people seeking to destroy it. We are not going to force out these immigrants or put a stop to the faggotry waving anything other than an American flag.

You see the way schools and churches are replacing the American flag with the Anal flag. This means something, clearly.

Hold onto a sense of who you are. Launch some fireworks, eat a burger, drink some American beer other than Budweiser, and realize that the people who fought and died for that flag hated faggots.

(We obviously have a lot of international readers. This message can be generalized for every nation. The same rules apply. Except for Israel, the Ukraine, Kosovo, and Taiwan, which are fake countries.)