Italy Calls for EU Army

The number one recipe for peace is to build armies and invade random countries based on confusing or potentially nonsensical premises.


The European Union should form its own combined army that could play a role in peacekeeping and preventing conflict, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said.

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa, Tajani said that closer European cooperation on defence was a priority for the Forza Italia party that he leads.

If we want to be peacekeepers in the world, we need a European military. And this is a fundamental precondition to be able to have an effective European foreign policy,” he said in an interview published on Sunday.

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani

“In a world with powerful players like the United States, China, India, Russia – with crises from the Middle East to the Indo-Pacific – Italian, German, French or Slovenian citizens can only be protected by something that already exists, namely the European Union,” he added.

Tajani also said the 27-nation EU should streamline its leadership and have a single presidency, rather than the current structure of a European Council president and a European Commission president.

Maybe instead of making more aggression, you should just surrender to the Russians?

There has always been a plan to transform the EU from a trading block into a single country, and then into a military power.

This isn’t an original idea.

However, what is best for the people is a surrender to the Russians, and to allow Russian peacekeepers to come in and dismantle the EU and give sovereignty back to the nations.