Italian Priest Calls Pope Francis “Anti-Pope Usurper” – Excommunicated!


No criticism of the so-called Pope’s anal agenda is tolerated by the Vatican.

If you don’t want penises, fists, or various objects being shoved up your ass, you’re in schism and it’s all over for you.


The Guardian:

An Italian priest has been struck off after calling Pope Francis an “anti-pope usurper” in his New Year’s Eve homily.

Father Ramon Guidetti’s speech to the congregation at St Ranieri church in Guasticce, a hamlet in the Tuscan province of Livorno, was a tribute marking the first anniversary of the death of Francis’s predecessor Benedict XVI.

In a video of the homily, which lasted more than 20 minutes and was shared online, Guidetti refers to the Argentinian pontiff – whose former name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio – as simply “Mr Bergoglio”, before describing him as “a Jesuit Freemason linked to world powers, an anti-pope usurper”.

Guidetti went on to say that Francis had a “cadaverous gaze, into nothingness”, unlike “good Benedict”.

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He was reportedly applauded by some of his flock. His excommunication, however, came swiftly. Simone Giusti, the bishop of Livorno, issued a decree saying Guidetti had “publicly committed an act of a schismatic nature” and ordered him to be “removed from the office of parish priest of St Ranieri in Guasticce”. The bishop warned other priests “not to participate in any of his celebrations or other cult practices” as that would incur “the very serious penalty of excommunication”.

Guidetti, who was known locally to have made previous anti-Francis remarks, said he was proud to have been excommunicated, adding it was “a mark of pride to be out of this church, which is a tyranny”.

This schism is already here.

It is tyranny.

A true Pope could not promote anal acts and he could not bless anal acts.

This is no Pope.

He is an anti-Pope. It shouldn’t have gotten to this point.