Italy: Lowest Number of Births Ever in Recorded History in 2020

This is less than half the number of births that happened in 1900, when their population was half what it is now.


ISTAT said Friday that Italy’s resident population was down by almost 384,000 on December 31, 2020 with respect to the start of last year.

The national statistics agency said the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic had amplified the declining trend the Italian population has experienced since 2015.

The drop means that it is as if a city the size of Florence had disappeared last year.

ISTAT said Italy registered a record low in births since unification last year and the highest number of deaths since World War II.

It said 404,104 births were registered last year, down by almost 16,000 with respect to 2019.

It said 746,146 deaths were registered in 2020, almost 112,000 more than 2019, a rise of 17.6%. (ANSA).

Preventing white people from breeding is yet another nifty little outcome of this pandemic hoax.

It really almost seems like any possible negative outcome you can imagine is made possible because of this hoax.

It’s like fairy dust.

Now, we’re heading into a whole other level of this hoax, with the governments claiming there is a new version of the virus that doesn’t respond to the alleged vaccine.

There is no evidence of this “new strain,” just as there was no evidence for the initial virus, or evidence that the vaccine stopped it. By using the PCR test, and coming up with this obviously ridiculous lie that you could have the virus and have no symptoms and yet transfer it to other people, they ensured that it was impossible to ever have evidence supporting the theory of the existence of the virus.

To this day, all of the evidence we have points to what we at the Daily Stormer told you a year ago: the only virus is the seasonal flu, which we’ve always had, and which tens of thousands of people (in America alone) have always died of every year.

You should have scratched your head when the government claimed to really, really care about your health. The same government that refused to put any regulations on food.

There were a whole lot of different reasons to be skeptical of the claim that the government loves you, and just wants to protect you from your own choices.

But when you saw that as normal people were going broke, trillions were being transferred to the richest people…

…I mean, come on, folks.

You should have figured that one out.

But hey – whatever.

We did our best.

We tried to warn you.

The hands of the Daily Stormer have been washed, and they are clean.