Pure Coincidence: The Story of Two Headlines

Good people all agree on one thing: this is all a big coincidence.

The Guardian this week:

Reuters this same week:

Anyone who thinks that these two headlines are somehow related is a lunatic conspiracy theorist, high on internet disinformation from Russia, who is dangerous, and is a terrorist. They want to kill your family.

They are against free markets. The people saying “those two headlines are related” would have knifed George Washington in his back. They hate America, and they hate freedom. They want to put you into communism.

What’s more, people who think those headlines are related hate the Jews. They are racist anti-Semites. They are planning to round up the Jews and gas them, as they also plan to put the blacks back in chains.

Be a good person. Don’t choose to be pure evil.

Make the right choice and believe the right thing: these headlines are a total coincidence. There is literally no relationship there whatsoever.