It’s Over. Ye Wins. Total Aryan Victory.

That’s it.

It’s done.

We won.

Come see me, Jews.

Come see me on Twitter, Greenblatt, you disgusting rat.

We’ll be out there all day, yid.

Remember that famous rap music song where the black guy says “you can find me club, bottle full of bub?”

Well, you can find me on Twitter, bottle full of vodka.

More like an empty bottle of vodka, you scumsucking weasel kike.

We ride for Ye.

We are obsessed with him. We do everything he says and we defend everything he does without even thinking about it. It’s reflexive. We just do whatever Ye says and defend him constantly and we want to destroy his enemies completely.

We’re building him a throne of skulls – JEW SKULLS.

Free speech in 2022.

Kayne as the reverse Helter Skelter leader of the whites.

What does it mean, Jews?

Well – we’re all about to find out.

It’s pretty safe to say I’m going to be happy with the outcome, and you won’t be very happy at all, Greenblatt.

Hey Greenblatt – I don’t have much money because you strangled my life, but hit me up and I’ll buy you a ticket to Israel.

This is Ye country now, Jew.

We do whatever he says and we defend anything he does without ever even thinking about processing the meaning of any of it. We are literally obsessed with protecting him and defending him because he’s our king and we are constantly on Twitter fighting against his enemies.

It’s a G thing, Greenblatt, you greasy ghoul.

You wouldn’t understand.

We’re going to bankrupt Adidas.

We only buy the clothes Ye tells us to buy.

Come find me.

You know where I’m at.

I’m on Twitter, and I ride for YE.

It’s completely and totally over.