Ivy League Gets Real (Pro-Hamas) as Jews Continue Humiliating Publicity Stunt Fake Invasion

Finally, these university faggots are starting to understand: there is no such thing as “pro-Palestine but not pro-Hamas.”

Without Hamas, Palestine would not exist.

New York Post:

A reported University of Pennsylvania student said she felt “so empowered and happy” that Palestinian independence felt within reach on the same day Hamas militants invaded Israel and slaughtered 1,400 people, mostly civilians, according to a video.

The clip, circulating online and reshared by Bronx Rep. Ritchie Torres, shows the back of a woman — reportedly a junior at the Ivy League college — draped in a keffiyeh as she passionately speaks into a microphone to a crowd of people at a pro-Palestinian rally in Philadelphia.

She asked the rally-goers to remember the photo of Palestinians bulldozing the barb-wired fence between Israel and Gaza as well as other “joyful and powerful images which came from the glorious October 7th” — when bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists crossed the border into Israel and shot and killed dozens of families in their homes and hundreds of young people at a music festival.


She asked the cheering crowd to hold the images in their minds and remember how they felt when they first saw images and heard the news.

I remember feelings so empowered and happy, so confident that victory was near and so tangible, “she said. “I want all of you to hold that feeling in your hearts. Never let go of it. Channel it through every action you take. Bring it to the streets.

Go down to the streets every day and don’t ever let them feel that you quietly accept this genocide,” the student said of Israel’s relentless airstrikes.

Cool memory.

I remember the seams of my pants ripping.

After the videos of Hamas blowing up Jew tanks started being released, I’ve a policy of only watching video of Hamas in baggy shorts.

“Hamas killed civilians” is not a valid complaint. Jews killed Arab civilians first. It’s tit-for-tat. Them’s the rules.

Hamas are the heroes of the earth.

The Jews are claiming to be very confused.

I hate that tweet.

The only definition we have of “Antisemitism” says “Antisemitism is anti-Zionism.” The Jews have said there is no difference.

Jews Still Losing

In the larger scheme of things, it doesn’t matter to my agenda if Hamas loses. The only thing that matters, really, is that the world sees the brutality of the Jews. In fact, Hamas losing might be good for my agenda, as it should trigger a massive regional war against Jews.

However, I’m a total Hamas stan. These boys are doing the work of the whole world, and they are crazy competent and brave.

There is no actual evidence the Jews have Gaza City encircled. People keep saying that because the Jews claimed it. But there’s no evidence.

What’s more: I’ve watched all the videos of the “invasion,” and, just as I said, there are no infantry. I have not seen one Jew infantry soldier, just tanks.

This is what I said: the Jews cannot send in troops. They can drive tanks through and hope Hamas doesn’t blow them up – because Hamas literally blows up tanks by jumping out of the bushes and planting bombs – but if they send in troops, it will just be mass Jew death.

The only possible thing they can do is flood the tunnels with nerve gas. That’s the one path to victory.

They’re very comfortable with war crimes, so maybe they’ll do it, but anything short of that means the faggots are just going on joyrides in tanks. I don’t know if you know this, but you can’t shoot a guy who popped out of a tunnel with a tank gun. Tanks make zero sense in this conflict. There is no military objective that the Jews have here that can be fulfilled from inside a tank.

They can get footage of themselves blowing up buildings, but those buildings they could have just blown up with airstrikes.

It’s a publicity stunt.

Hamas wins.

This article was updated to remove tweets that had bad footage, i.e., footage not from the current conflict. I blame Elon for this. He should be protecting the public from fake news. No, but seriously – he is down-ranking or outright banning accounts that show real shit, so a Twitter search returns bad footage from Syria or whatever.