BREAKING: IDF Discovers Hitler is Behind Hamas! Palestinian Kids are SS Officers!

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Huh. No hands.

It looks like we all saw the situation in Palestine, and immediately recognized it as the work of Hitler and his “SS” organization.

The Guardian:

Intense Israeli airstrikes have continued in Gaza after the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, vowed to press Israel’s advance into the territory with “full force” and laid out an uncompromising vision of a postwar settlement.

The bombardment on Sunday appeared concentrated around al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, the biggest such facility in Gaza, where much of the most intense fighting between Hamas and Israeli ground forces is taking place.

The hospital is still full of refugees, by the way.

It’s just…

You can’t help but laugh. It’s everything I’ve said about the Jews for a decade, finally on display in front of all humans.

The hospital was “totally surrounded and bombardments are going on nearby”, its director, Mohammad Abu Salmiya, said in a statement late on Saturday.

The fierce clashes over recent days have trapped thousands of sick, wounded and displaced people in al-Shifa with no electricity and dwindling supplies.

Medics and aid workers have warned patients will die unless there is a pause in the battle. Thousands more are trapped in other health facilities in the north of Gaza, as Israel’s campaign to “crush” Hamas moves towards its sixth week.

Despite growing pressure from even staunch allies, Netanyahu has so far rejected international calls for a ceasefire. “The war against [Hamas] is advancing with full force, and it has one goal: to win. There is no alternative to victory,” he said late on Saturday in televised comments.

Actually, the alternative is losing.

Actually, the alternative is Hamas wins and you Jews have to flee.

Bombing and shelling hospitals full of refugees is a whole helluva lot easier than clearing hundreds of miles of interlinking 6ft x 3ft tunnels.

Netanyahu also made clear he wanted Israel to retain overall security control after any conflict, “with the ability to go in whenever we want in order to kill terrorists”.

“There will be no Hamas. There will be no civilian authority that educates their children to hate Israel, to kill Israelis, to destroy the state of Israel. There can’t be an authority there that pays the families of murderers. There needs to be something else there,” Netanyahu said.

The comments appeared to rule out any role for the Palestinian Authority after the conflict, a solution favoured by the US and many European powers.

Israel has said doctors, patients and thousands of evacuees who have taken refuge at hospitals in northern Gaza must leave so it can tackle Hamas gunmen who, it says, have placed command centres under and around them.

Hamas denies using hospitals this way. Medical staff say patients could die if they are moved and Palestinian officials say Israeli fire makes it dangerous for others to leave.

Israel believes that Hamas has its headquarters beneath al-Shifa, claims which the hospital and Hamas have denied.

“The medical team cannot work and the bodies, in their dozens, cannot be managed or buried,” said Abu Salmiya. Two newborns had already died on Saturday after the hospital’s fuel ran out and dozens more were at risk, officials said.

This is so insane.

Why would Hamas put their main base under a hospital, 700 meters from the sea?

Hamas doesn’t have a “main base.” They have tunnels. I can guarantee, that since these Jew bombings of the hospital began, whatever was under the hospital has been evacuated through the tunnels.

As everyone can see, the Jews use Hamas as an excuse to attack civilians.

Everyone knows that.

Of course, they could just bomb the hospital from the sky, like they’ve done to other hospitals. They seem to want to desensitize the world to them attacking civilians with shells and tanks.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.