James Cameron Says Experts Knew Doomed Sub was a Doomed Pup from the Start, Slams Media Charade

The number one expert on the Titanic – the man who made the movie itself – knew this doomed pod was a doomed pup.

You would have to be literally a retard to get in that pod.

You see this wiling ass fag waving around a $30 Logitech controller, and you gotta be like, “nigga, you can’t afford an Xbox controller?  What is up?”

Just for the record – just so we have it in the record – Andrew Anglin said immediately after hearing about the sub losing communications that everyone was dead.

It was very obvious, and you have to wonder why the media kept talking about how they were going to send down more oxygen when everyone knew they were all dead.

New York Post:

“Titanic” director James Cameron has slammed the days-long search operation for the doomed Titan sub as a “nightmarish charade” — insisting he knew that the vessel had imploded just hours after it lost contact with the surface.

Cameron, a submersible pioneer who has made 33 trips of his own to the Titanic wreckage, told the BBC on Friday that he “felt in my bones” the Titan submersible had been lost soon after the news broke that the five people on board were missing.

The 68-year-old director said the subsequent hunt for the submersible — including the countdown of how much oxygen supply was left and that banging noises had been heard — “felt like a prolonged and nightmarish charade.”

That was just a cruel, slow turn of the screw for four days, as far as I’m concerned,” Cameron said. “Because I knew the truth on Monday morning.”

For me, there was no doubt. I knew that sub was sitting exactly underneath its last known depth and position. That’s exactly where they found it,” he added.

“I felt in my bones what had happened. For the sub’s electronics to fail and its communication system to fail, and its tracking transponder to fail simultaneously — sub’s gone,” he said.

The famed director said he quickly reached out to his submersible contacts and was informed within an hour that the vessel was close to the bottom of the ocean floor when it lost contact.

Their comms were lost and navigation was lost. I said instantly, you can’t lose comms and navigation together without an extreme catastrophic event or high, highly energetic catastrophic event,” he said.

The first thing that popped to mind was an implosion.”

Honestly, I wanted to hear that they died in a more outrageous way.

But when I saw the hull was carbon fiber, I knew that bitch just popped like a zit.

Zit ass pup – doomed like a bitch.

James Cameron might have made Avatar 2, but he’s like, you know, an adult.

No adult would think the doomed pod was a good idea.

That said, Cameron is the only reason anyone gives a shit about the Titanic, so sort of, this is all his fault.

If I were a family member, I would sue Cameron for “making the Titanic seem like it is way more relevant than it actually is in real life.”