Watch: Viral Clip of Deep-Sea Implosion Depicts Gruesome Deaths of Doomed Sub’s Doomed Pups

And then came the gayest of all retards: the Titanic pod people.

New York Post:

An old clip from the Discovery Channel show “MythBusters” demonstrating how a deep-sea explorer could implode in a depressurized diving suit has gone viral after the Titanic sub disaster.

The 2009 clip has racked up more than three quarters of a million views after being posted Thursday, when it was discovered that the five passengers aboard a Titanic wreckage-bound submersible had imploded.

In the show’s science experiment, a human-shaped mannequin was recreated from pig parts including bones, muscle, fat, skin and guts.

It was then sunk about 300 feet underwater — where pressure is roughly nine times greater than at sea level — and its diving suit was depressurized.

Over a gruesome roughly 30 seconds, the rapid change in air pressure forced the meaty contents of the fake diver into the helmet as the suit collapsed in on itself.

In reality, the reenactment has very little in common with the last moments of the doomed Titan sub passengers, who authorities have said were instantaneously killed at much greater depths and under extremely higher pressure.

The Titan submersible is believed to have imploded near the 12,500-foot-deep ocean floor where the ruins of the 1912 shipwreck lay.

Pressure levels at that depth would be up to 400 times greater than normal, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, meaning the five men aboard would have imploded in a fraction of a second.


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