Japan: Another Executive from Major Energy Company Loses Job for Sexual Harrasment

How’s Westernization working out for you, Japan?

Everything going good?


The head of a renewable energy subsidiary of Japan’s top oil company, Eneos Holdings, has been fired for sexual harassment, the companies announced Wednesday, as awareness of the #MeToo movement grows in the country.

Japan Renewable Energy Corp. said in a statement it dismissed chairperson Shigeru Yasu after an internal investigation confirmed sexual harassment at a social gathering in December. The company launched the probe after a whistleblower reported the case.

JRE offered a “deep apology” to the victim and its stakeholders, saying such an act is “not acceptable.”

Yasu is the third executive with the Eneos group to be fired over sexual harassment in two years. Late last year, Eneos Holdings’ then-president Takeshi Saito was dismissed for getting drunk and hugging a woman. In 2022, Eneos chairperson Tsutomu Sugimori resigned after sexually harassing a woman serving customers at a restaurant.

The new statement said the company has repeatedly reminded employees of “the importance of the respect of human rights and ensuring compliance” through company training and other means, but it will review the content of education programs and study more effective measures.

Change is coming slowly in Japan, which consistently ranks near the bottom in international gender equality surveys and where sexual misconduct complaints are often disregarded. Victims tend to face criticism for speaking up.

Well, then maybe these whores should shut the fuck up.

There is no such thing as “unprovoked sexual harassment.” Even if it was real, it would not be a big deal, but it isn’t real. Women provoke men, because they enjoy it, and when men respond to the provocation, if the woman doesn’t like it, or thinks she can benefit from saying she doesn’t like it, you get “sexual harassment” allegations.

There is now a Sexual Harassment Industrial Complex.

It’s a gigantic vaginal power-grab.

You’ll regret this, Japs