Poland: Cunt Minister Banning Jesus Classes as Deal with the Devil Goes South

These Poland niggers used to come around and harass me, telling me they were only using the USA military to make their country great, and they wouldn’t ever succumb to the anal, vaginal, anti-Christ agenda.

They told me they were going to stay based and nationalist, straight heterosexuals with feminine women and no immigrants, and that they were just tricking the USA to help them defeat the Russians.

They don’t come around anymore. It’s obvious the plan failed. Poland is now an anal country, it is a vagina country. It has a higher abortion rate than Russia, despite the supposed ban. And the immigrants are coming.

They are coming.

Poland is in absolute free fall, because you can’t make deals with the Devil and then trick him.

The Devil collects on his debts.

Every single time.


The Catholic Church is opposing the government’s proposed cut in the number of hours for religious classes, while also rejecting plans to drop grading for religion courses.

The classes, which are optional but attended by most students, are hosted and funded by public schools but with teachers and curriculums chosen by the Catholic Church.

The new education minister, Barbara Nowacka, is claiming that two hours a week of religious classes “is excessive” given that it is more than students have for some other subjects. In December of last year, she announced plans to reduce that number to one hour a week.

You’re a NATO country, Poland. You’re a key ally of the Jewnited Snakes.

This woman is in charge of raising your kids:

Those things are not unrelated.

Your entire government is paid for by German women and homosexuals. They are making these decisions.

The Episcopate’s education committee has expressed deep concern at the proposals, stating that it sees access to religion courses in schools as a human right.

“The right to access to religious classes on the premises of a public school derives from fundamental human rights, in particular the right to religious freedom, the right to education, and parents’ right to bring up their children in accordance with their religious convictions,” reads the statement.

Yeah, bro.

We made those arguments in the 1960s.

Jews decided it was illegal for kids to pray in schools, and we had no recourse, because in a democracy, you have no recourse.

The Episcopate further stated that changes concerning the organization of teaching of Catholic catechism at school should take place in consultation with churches and religious associations, and that the approval of the bishop is needed to reduce the number of religious lessons.

The Church also expressed concern that in the event of a reduction in the number of hours of religious instruction in schools, “thousands of religious teachers” would lose their jobs, which would have a “very negative impact on their personal lives and the fate of their families.”

Poland is headed straight for American-style anal classes in the schools.

Will those be optional too, I wonder?

I told you Polacks.

You all know I was telling you this ten years ago: I said “if you are an ally of the United States and Germany, they are going to force their system on you. It will be insidious, and you won’t see it at first, and then all of a sudden, you’ll have anal parades and naked women marching through the streets screaming about abortion. Then the niggers will start marching in by the millions.”

You turned out to be just as stupid as all those jokes said you were.

You wouldn’t listen.

Polish nationalists used to send me death threats, explaining their plan to use the US alliance to rebuild their empire. They don’t send those threats anymore. Probably, most of them spend their days getting drunk and crying.

But There is Hope

I do have Polish friends now, who agree with me.

And it was a pro-Russian Polish nationalist, Greg Braun, who did the greatest act, and sprayed that satanic Jew altar with the fire extinguisher.

If you’re a Christian, if you are anti-anal, if you’re anti-immigrant, if you’re anti-feminist, you have to side with Russia. It doesn’t matter if Stalin was a very mean, bad daddy.

I think the youth are now seeing this. Stalin was so long ago. Poland basing their entire national identity around hating Stalin would be like the US basing their entire identity around hating Pancho Villa because he killed those people in New Mexico.

Obviously, I understand Stalin did more than cross the border and kill a few people. I’m just pointing out the absurdity. Putin is not Stalin. Putin is not going to invade Poland, and if you think that, you are insane.

You know who did invade Poland? The Ukraine. There are six million Hohols in Poland. On the streets of every metro in Poland, you’re now as likely to hear Ukrainian as Polish. And these people are disgusting and criminals. They’re not planning on leaving, Polack. You are being Ukrainized, and this is a lot worse than anything Stalin did.

And there is so much worse to come.

You retards opened up the gates of Hell.

Your hooligans need to start marching against this.

You should be flying Russian flags, and burning American, EU, and Ukrainian flags.

Putin will give you Galicia. That’s the closest thing you’re going to get to an empire. Then you can move all of these Ukrainians back there.

Like Jesus, Vladimir Putin stands at the door and knocks.

He’s ready to make deals.

In ten years’ time, the international map could read “Lwow.” And you could have no gays, no abortion, no niggers.

You know, Poles: we’re brothers, in a sense. The Irish and you. Our people were both Catholics, both put on boats and treated like shit by Englishmen, as we were doing nothing but attempting to make a living by putting in a hard day’s work and committing crimes. I have no reason to be against you, any more than I have reason to be against the paddy race traitors who sided with the ZOG.

It’s all one struggle.

You people just need to get in the game.