RFK Jr. Vows to Build a Statue to Edward Snowden When Elected

Kennedy would be the best candidate for president if he would take a harder line against Israel.

I agree with most of what he says, but despite supposedly being a classic leftist, he will not condemn the sickening blood-drinking Jews.

We should free Snowden and Assange, and we should make statues to them. But we should do that only after we nuke Israel.

New York Post:

Independent presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has re-upped his commitment to pardon US accused spy and anti-surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden if elected.

The Kennedy scion rolled out a petition Monday calling for the pardon of Snowden — while hailing the now-Russian resident for exposing highly classified domestic government surveillance operations.

Edward Snowden is an American hero,” Kennedy, 70, said in a video. “Instead of jailing Snowden, I’m going to build a statue to him and maybe to [WikiLeaks] Julian Assange somewhere near the Washington Press Club or perhaps outside the CIA headquarters in Langley as a civics lesson to the Republic.

“Snowden, who has been in exile for more than a decade, performed a critical public service by revealing that our government had been spying on millions of law-abiding American citizens, in violation of numerous laws and our fundamental right to privacy,” Kennedy said.

“The America I love doesn’t punish whistleblowers. Truth-tellers who champion free speech and try to return America to its democratic and humanitarian ideals should be revered, not prosecuted,” the candidate said.

Snowden, 40, funneled a tranche of highly confidential documents to the Guardian, the Washington Post and several other outlets in 2013, shedding light on a litany of surveillance programs by the NSA as well as Allied organizations.

The information dump featured the rampant collection of people’s metadata — information about when and to whom a phone call or electronic message was sent.

Kennedy is also pro-Bitcoin.

It’s safe to say he’s better than Trump. Trump doesn’t have any positions that interest me anymore. He talks about immigration, but that ship has already sank. Unless he wants to round up tens of millions of people and put them in concentration camps, then whatever he’s saying about immigration is basically irrelevant.

Also, Kennedy says the same stuff as Trump about open borders.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.