Japan Accuses Chinese People of Making Harassing Phone Calls Over Poisoning of Pacific Ocean

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These people literally poisoned the entirety of the Asian-Pacific ocean territory that all Asians eat out of, and really poisoned the whole world, and they somehow have the nerve to go out and complain about harassing phone calls?

Truman was right about the nips.


Japan said on Monday that many harassing phone calls were received in the country, likely from China, regarding the release of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific, and called it “extremely regrettable”.

Japan started the water discharge on Thursday in a key step toward decommissioning the Fukushima plant, which suffered triple meltdowns after being hit by a tsunami in 2011 following a powerful earthquake. China strongly opposes the discharge.”A lot of harassment phone calls believed to be originating from China are occurring in Japan … These developments are extremely regrettable and we are concerned,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, the chief government spokesman, told a regular news conference.

Well, a lot of people regret that you poisoned the ocean.

And they’re also concerned about it.

Such calls prompted vice foreign minister Masataka Okano to summon the Chinese ambassador, Japan’s foreign ministry said.


In a statement, the ministry said the calls were also occurring at Japanese facilities in China, and urged the government to take appropriate action promptly and ensure the safety of Japanese citizens.

China’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

He shouldn’t respond, save for maybe by tweeting out this image:

There is no other response.

The Fukushima city hall started receiving calls with country code 86, which is for China, on Thursday, and the number of such calls exceeded 200 the following day, flooding phone lines and disrupting city employees’ ordinary work, a city official said.

On the same day, elementary and junior high schools in the city, 60 km (38 miles) northwest of the crippled plant, received 65 similar calls, he said.

When a person who understands Chinese took one of those calls, the caller made a comment to the effect that, “Why are you releasing tainted water into the Pacific Ocean, which is a sea for everyone,” the official said.

Do you notice this pattern that I’ve noticed: that in every single case of a world event, China is on the right side?

“Why are you releasing tainted water into the Pacific Ocean, which is a sea for everyone?”

China is not a Christian country, so I don’t necessarily endorse everything they believe or whatever (I disagree with the idea of a coronavirus pandemic, for example – though they were much less extreme than the West and even though their vaccine appears to have been safe, they said it was a human right to refuse it), but in every single situation where there is a global issue being discussed, China is on the right side.

Right-wingers will pick at certain things the Chinese said – like when Antony Blinken accused them of genociding the Uyghurs (“wiggers”), they said Americans are genociding black people. Obviously, that’s not a geopolitical issue, so it doesn’t apply to my point that they’re always on the right side of geopolitical issues, but if you think about it for three seconds outside of neocon anti-China propaganda, it’s a totally hilarious way to respond to these idiotic claims of an invisible genocide in Xinjiang.

But seriously: find a geopolitical issue China is on the wrong side of. You can’t do it.