Japanese Company to Stop Making Baby Diapers Because of Sharp Decline in Demand

Maybe the diaper factory can be converted into a factory for cat food and/or masturbation aids?

I mean, maybe there are no more babies, but women still need to pretend they have children and men still need to pretend they’re having sex.

The Guardian:

A nappy manufacturer in Japan is to stop making the products for babies and instead raise production of adult diapers, in a reflection of the country’s rapidly ageing society.

Oji Holdings, which specialises in paper products, said it would stop making children’s nappies in September amid a sharp decline in demand. The firm has seen sales drop from a peak of about 700m in 2001 to 400m today.

Sales of adult diapers have outpaced those of nappies in Japan for well over a decade, and recent population statistics indicate that the trend will continue.

The number of births in Japan fell to an all-time low of 758,631 in 2023, compared with 1,590,503 deaths. Children under the age of 15 accounted for less than 12% percent of the country’s population in 2022, the public broadcaster NHK said, while those aged 65 and over made up almost 30%.

The population is expected to plummet from its current 125 million to an estimated 88 million in 2065 – a 30% decline in 45 years.

The prime minister, Fumio Kishida, has described the stubbornly low birthrate as an “existential crisis” and promised financial aid for families, easier childcare access and more parental leave.

That doesn’t work. We’ve been over this already.

Marriage has always provided “financial aid” for women. That is in fact the defining factor of the concept of marriage: women get material wealth from a man in exchange for sex.

None of these government programs trying to simulate something that already exists have convinced women to marry young and have kids.

You either have to take away women’s rights, or just accept the situation. There is no point in whining about it.