Demented Pope Breaks His Strange Foot Tradition, Washes Only Women’s Feet


Okay then?


Pope Francis on Thursday has washed the feet of 12 women at a prison in Rome during a ceremony emphasizing humility. It is the first time the pope has washed the feet of women only during the special annual service.

The 87-year-old pontiff, who has been experiencing health and mobility difficulties recently, led the ceremony at Rebibbia prison in Rome, washing the feet of each of the women from his wheelchair, many of whom were in tears as he did so.

The foot-washing ritual takes place on the Thursday before Easter and seeks to imitate Jesus Christ’s washing of his disciples’ feet the night before he died.

Since his election, the pope has taken this ceremony out of Vatican territory and celebrated by washing the feet of prisoners, refugees and the disabled.

Over the years, Francis has washed the feet of women and Muslims. However, Michael Walsh, a prominent church historian and author, and Fr Anthony Ruff, a liturgical expert, both told CNN they believe this is the first time a pope has washed the feet of women exclusively during the ceremony.

This is in fact a bastardized version of a real Holy Thursday tradition. But in the tradition, a priest would simply wash the feet of 12 men, to represent Jesus doing this with the apostles.

Also, no one ever kissed the feet while doing the washing. This is bizarre beyond words, and very typical of how weird and sick Francis acts. Famously, he kissed the foot of a male refugee, years ago.

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The Pope doing this to women is yet another perversion. The apostles were not women. Jesus never kissed any feet and he never washed the feet of any women. A hooker washed Jesus’ feet with her tears once, and kissed them. So I don’t know if that is being referenced here with the kissing, that the Pope is representing the hooker instead of Christ, but it is obviously scandalous for this old man to be kissing feet.

By the way, the foot-washing ceremony was not some important feature of Holy Thursday. It’s just something that has been done at various points in history, and it can be considered good to do because Jesus did it. But it was Francis who made it the centerpiece of his Easter traditions.

But this news is days old.

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