Jerry Seinfeld Endorses Conversation Between Jews and Gentiles

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has been generally less offensive to me than most Jews. I think his eponymous sitcom was very funny in that it really sought to explore Jewish neurosis, and I’ve found his commentary on political and social issues to be poignant and minimally Jewish.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter conducted by Jew Seth Abramovitch, Seinfeld said that he thinks Dave Chappelle’s comments on Saturday Night Live over the weekend call for an open conversation between the Jews and non-Jews.

I was just watching Jon Stewart and Colbert, two of my favorite comedians, debate the Dave Chappelle SNL monologue. And I’m just curious where you fall on it. Did you find it funny?

I did think the comedy was well-executed, but I think the subject matter calls for a conversation that I don’t think I’d want to have in this venue.

But it made you uncomfortable. 

It provokes a conversation which hopefully is productive.

And is that the kind of conversation you would have with Dave? Because you seem to have a close relationship with him. 

I don’t have a close relationship with him. We’re friends and it’s not a close relationship.

This is good. For the entire decade that I’ve been a public figure, I’ve been calling for an open conversation with the Jews.

A conversation is explicitly what Ye has been calling for. Ye was silenced, his money was stripped from him, and the Jews said that there was zero chance that there will ever be any conversation about the abuses of the Jews. It was in fact shocking that the Jews simply said “shut up, you’re not allowed to talk about this, we’re taking your money.”

After the death of George Floyd, the entire Jew media was telling us that we were going to have a “conversation.”

A global conversation about race.

Ye wants to have a global conversation about the Jew race.

We need a hard conversation so we can begin to heal.

Remember when that Indian bitch Nimrata Randhawa told us that she was going to make us feel pain, because whites are all collectively responsible for Big George?

White people have much less money per capita than the Jews. They have much less influence on society. Whites rarely make decisions that affect any public policy. Jews are the ones with the power, they are the ones making the decisions, but they are telling us that unlike whites, they are not a group, so they can’t ever be talked about. This is unacceptable.

Jews destroyed my life. They destroyed Ye’s life. We have a lot at stake here. We want to understand what is going on, and we need these Jews who control everything to explain it to us.

Here are some other topics of conversation:

  • Jews are currently pushing us towards a world war to try to collapse the government of Russia for reasons that are entirely related to Jewish experience and Jewish geopolitical goals.
  • Jews have used feminism to completely destroy the nuclear family, in line with stated Jewish goals about preventing “goyim” from opposing the Jewish agenda. (You can read about the Jewish plan to destroy the nuclear family in Theodor Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality.” They stated this agenda openly decades ago, and then they proceeded to do it.)
  • Jews are pushing this concept of child trannies, and they are mutilating the genitals of our children as part of a strange ideology that Jews have refused to explain when asked about it.
  • Jews are collapsing the global financial system. Most Jewish power comes from their money, and most Jewish money was obtained through underhanded means. FTX alone should be reason enough to talk about Jewish financial power.
  • The Jews legalized and then normalized pornography. The entire pornography industry is entirely Jewish, and over 95% of American men are addicted to pornography. This is not in keeping with the Christian values our people traditionally hold.
  • The Jews have a complete stranglehold on the news media, which they use to push their agenda. They use the apparatus of the media to silence anyone who opposes them.
  • Jews have completely shut down freedom of speech in the West, something that is necessary for our societies to function. Jews are currently in the process of stripping us of the rest of our God-given rights, as they shape an entirely new society to reflect their own value system.

We need to discuss all of these things and much more.

It’s past time to have a conversation with and about the Jews. It’s time for Jews to listen.

Do you remember all those headlines they ran about whites? We need to have a situation where the word “white” is replaced with “Jew.”

If this Jewish answer to a demand for a conversation is “we will never owe the people we rule over anything because of the Holocaust,” then I’m sorry, Jews, but that simply is not acceptable. If your Holocaust did happen, then that’s I’m sure very unfortunate, but that has nothing at all to do with me or my life, while the power you hold in my country has completely transformed all of our lives in ways that are almost entirely negative.

We’re going to have a conversation, with or without you.