Jerusalem: We’re Finally Talking About the Jews Spitting on Christians

Today, we have yet another case of The Guardian reporting something that Western goyim are not supposed to be aware of.

It’s shocking that the Jews haven’t forced a Jew publisher and editor-in-chief on this paper to censor all this stuff. The Guardian is one of the most well-read news publications in the world.

It’s mostly leftist tripe, of course, but it’s non-Jewish leftist tripe, so you get stuff like “well, Russia is totally evil, but also, the Ukraine is losing badly and also committing brutal war crimes” and “well, Jews shouldn’t be allowed to spit on Christians.”

The Guardian:

A video of ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting on the ground beside a procession of foreign Christian worshippers carrying a wooden cross in the holy city of Jerusalem has ignited intense outrage and a flurry of condemnation in the Holy Land.

The spitting incident, which the city’s minority Christian community lamented as the latest in an alarming surge of religiously motivated attacks, drew rare outrage on Tuesday from the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other senior figures.

Since Israel’s most conservative government in history came to power late last year, concerns have mounted among religious leaders – including the influential Vatican-appointed Latin Patriarch – over the increasing harassment of the region’s 2,000-year-old Christian community.

Many say the government, with its powerful ultranationalist members, such as the finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, and the national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has emboldened Jewish extremists and created a sense of impunity.

“What happened with rightwing religious nationalism is that Jewish identity has been growing around anti-Christianity,” said Yisca Harani, a Christianity expert and founder of an Israeli hotline for anti-Christian assaults. “Even if the government doesn’t encourage it, they hint that there will be no sanctions.”

They actually arrested a couple, but only because it went viral in media outside of their fake state

Those worries over rising intolerance seem to violate Israel’s stated commitment to freedom of worship and sacred trust over holy places, enshrined in the declaration that marked its founding 75 years ago. Israel captured East Jerusalem in a 1967 war and later annexed it in a move not internationally recognised.

There are roughly 15,000 Christians in Jerusalem today, the majority of them Palestinians who consider themselves living under occupation.

Netanyahu’s office insisted on Tuesday that Israel “is totally committed to safeguard the sacred right of worship and pilgrimage to the holy sites of all faiths”.

“I strongly condemn any attempt to intimidate worshippers, and I am committed to taking immediate and decisive action against it,” he said.

Activists who have been documenting daily attacks against Christians in the Holy Land were taken aback by the sudden wave of government attention.

“Attacks against Christians have 100% increased this year, and not just spitting, but throwing stones and vandalising signs,” said Harani. “Excuse me,” she added, addressing Israeli authorities. “But where were you?”

Netanyahu is a smooth operator.

He understands that his position is largely or even mostly dependent on his support from American Zionists, the majority of whom are evangelical Christians.

The issue is: Evangelical Christian Zionism is very much a boomer-specific ideology. Evangelicalism itself might maintain some momentum for a while, given that it is extremely emotional (something that people are drawn to in an age of alienation), and at this point, is stricter about the gay thing than Catholics.

However, the Zionism thing doesn’t really make sense to non-boomers. We might never really understand why the boomers went so crazy over it, but after the Bush era and the wars for Jewish domination resulting in complete disaster, this Jew-worship thing isn’t selling well at all.

Pat Robertson was one of the main perpetrators of idolistic Jew-worship in the evangelical movement, and his CBN News channel just did a report on Jews spitting on Christians.

The report is okay. The network acts, however, as if this is some kind of new phenomenon, when in reality, it’s just new to their channel. The reason it is new to their channel is pretty obvious: Robertson died a couple of months ago.

If you don’t have gatekeepers like Robertson hanging out and shilling that Jew-worship is fundamental to Christianity, younger people are going to stop going for it. Again, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Part of the reason boomers were so into Zionism related to the fact that they grew up on TV, rather than the internet, and in the golden age of TV, TV programming was able to totally shape society. Christian Zionism was popularized by “televangelists” (TV preachers). The other part of the reason is that boomers had things very, very good – better than anyone who came before them and certain better than those who have come after them – so they had the option of decadent beliefs that only existed to make them feel good. They were also incapable of imagining hell, so weren’t worried that they were committing idolatry by supporting the satanic Jews (evangelicals also teach that the Final Judgement is a metaphor or something, and no one can go to hell as long as they “believe” – AKA, as long as they watch these TV shows).

People now see that Americans have a lot of problems, and when these people – whether it is politicians or preachers – get up and start talking about Israel and the Jews, it’s like “hey, buddy – things are tough all over. What do the Jews have to do with me and my problems?”

If you start looking into why it is that everything is about Jews, it doesn’t take long to figure out why. This is a money scam. The evangelicals who promoted this Jew-worship were paid by the Jews. Israel gave the heretical glutton Jerry Falwell a free Lear Jet.

The glutton heretic John Hagee (strangely similar to Falwell in his physiognomy, as well as his girth) also made millions by going “full Jew.”

When people start to figure it out, that becomes a liability for the Jews. It’s a very public thing that they manipulated tens of millions of Americans into supporting their brutal terrorist state by using their political and financial power to fundamentally change Christian religious doctrine, which had, throughout all history of the religion, going back to Jesus Himself, been very hostile toward Jews.

Charlie Kirk and other political Republican youth groups are having a very hard time shilling Israel, because people at best don’t care. The Zionist Christian phenomenon is dying off with the boomers. The Jews are going to have to do some serious damage control, and come up with better reasons for supporting their alleged “state” than “because we are God’s chosen ones (just ask that televangelist we gave millions of dollars to).”

This will come up with new angles, I’m sure, but none will be so effective as Christian Zionism was.

In the meantime, Israel is going to do some symbolic things to cover up the brutality of their society, which they have pointed towards both Christians and Moslems.