Jewish Stampede at Florida Vigil for Israel Leaves Over 30 Students Injured

Wow, Jews.

Calm down.


New York Post:

More than 30 students were injured during a vigil at the University of Florida for the victims of the Israel terrorist attacks — when a “misunderstanding” caused widespread panic and a dangerous stampede late Monday.

Video posted online shows a rabbi leading a large group in prayer, when someone suddenly screams — causing people to run away in fear.

It was a real stampede,” Chanie Goldman, co-director of the Chabad Jewish Student Center, told The Gainesville Sun.

“Kids are very shaken up … People came to the event on edge to begin with because there is a fear for going to any Jewish event that something could happen.”

More than 30 people were treated in an area hospital, including some with concussions and at least one person with a broken leg, the local paper said.

Police later said the panic began due to a “misunderstanding” after someone in the crowd fainted just before 9 p.m., leading people to scream “911,” which others misinterpreted to mean there was danger.

At around the same time, it is believed a person dropped a bag or at least several items to create a loud noise that some believed sounded like gunshots, according to the Gainesville paper.

“We have no reason to believe that there was malicious intent behind this incident,” Chief Linda Stump-Kurnick told News 4 Jacksonville.

It was an accident that was misinterpreted by the crowd that led to panic.”

If you can’t do your war vigils peacefully, Jews, then you can’t do them at all.

You can go back to your own country and do them.