Jew Monsters Open Fire on Gazans Waiting in Line for Food, Slaughter More Than 100 People

This is it.

This is the moment of truth.

Any single person who watches this video, and does not devote themselves to the total destruction of Israel is evil.

This cannot continue. The Jews are doing this on purpose, in front of you, in order to make you party to it. If you sit by and watch these satanic monsters gun down starving people waiting in line for food, and you say nothing, or you continue to ever defend the Jews in any context, you are sharing responsibility.

This is basically a satanic ritual, filming an atrocity like this. Every single “Christian Zionist” who continues to defend these kikes is going to Hell. Their stupid “born again” heresies won’t save them on Judgement Day when The Judge asks them “why did you support these devil monsters gunning down starving people trying to get food?”

Of course, I don’t know the mind of God, but my thinking is that when these “Christian Zionists” say that some charismatic pastor told them the people who murdered Jesus Christ were “the chosen ones” and were therefore morally justified in slaughtering innocent people, The Judge is going to say, “okay, I’ve heard enough.”

The Jews are all going to Hell, and their mission is to drag down as many humans as possible with them.


Health authorities in Gaza said on Thursday Israeli fire on people waiting for aid near Gaza City had killed 104 Palestinians and wounded 280, with one hospital saying it had received 10 bodies and dozens of injured patients.

A spokesperson for Israel’s military said there was no knowledge of shelling at that location. The military later said dozens of people were hurt as a result of pushing and trampling when aid trucks arrived in northern Gaza.

An Israeli source said troops opened fire at “several people” in the crowd who posed a threat to them.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ office said he “condemned the ugly massacre conducted by the Israeli occupation army this morning against the people who waited for the aid trucks at the Nabulsi roundabout”.

Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qidra said the incident took place at al-Nabusi roundabout west of Gaza City in the northern part of the enclave.

Medical teams were unable to cope with the volume and severity of injuries from dozens of wounded people who arrived at al-Shifa hospital, Qidra said.

Videos posted on social media showed trucks carrying many dead bodies. Reuters verified the location of one video to al-Nabulsi roundabout that showed several men who were motionless, as well as several wounded people.

They’re calling it “The Flour Massacre,” as the Gazans were waiting in line for flour.

There’s talk now of the Jews putting Donald Trump in office, because he is so ardently Zionist. I’m telling you right now: unless Trump denounces what these Jews are doing to the Gazans, he is a lot more dangerous than Joe Biden.

The only thing that matters is stopping these Jews.

Even if you do not care about the morality of slaughtering all of these people like cattle, the plan of the Jews is to drag America into a massive war for Jewish supremacy. The Jews already have all our money and now they want to, once again, send our boys to die for their satanic occupation fake country – a fake country which they use as a base for their empire of global domination.

The Jews must be made to pay for this.

They must be made to pay for this slaughter, they must be made to pay for all of these wars, for the creation of feminism, for pornography, for the industrial scale theft of Western resources, for the normalization of drug abuse, for the aborted babies, for the mass immigration, and for fucking children.

They must be made to pay for the murder of Jesus Christ.

They must be made to pay for all of these crimes.

They must be made to pay collectively.

They are collectively responsible, and they themselves have normalized collective punishment.

As Saint Paul said, the Jews are the enemy of all mankind.

All mankind must declare war on our collective enemy.