Germany: AfD Wins Mayor Race in Another Small Town

Rolf Weigand, mayor of Großschirma

The AfD is dominating.

They did okay on the immigration issue, but the whole “let’s totally deindustrialize our country in order to help Americans prove a point about gay sex to the Russians” agenda of the current German government has made them the dominant force in German politics.

Of course, they will probably just all be arrested for winning.


The Alternative for Germany (AfD) continues a string of electoral victories in the east of the country, this time with a landslide win for the mayorship of a town in the state of Saxony.

Rolf Weigand scored his resounding victory in the first round of voting in Großschirma, with 59.4 percent of the vote. He trounced his competitors, including André Erler of the Independent Citizens’ Association (UBV) and Gunther Zschommler of the Christian Democrats (CDU), who scored 22.3 percent and 18.2 percent, respectively.

His ability to score over 50 percent in the first round means there is no need for a second round of voting and he automatically wins his position.

The early election was called after Volkmar Schriter of the Free Democrats (FDP) committed suicide after holding office for 19 years.

Although a small town, the win for AfD comes after a string of victories, including mayoral races in the larger city of Pirna and the town of Raguhn-Jeßnitz. It will also be welcome news for the party following a coordinated media campaign and demonstrations “against the right” following a controversial and contested report that the AfD was planning mass deportations. Since then, the left and center-left Christian Democrats (CDU) have worked to beat back the AfD’s continued polling success, which shows it remains the second most popular party in the country at 19 percent in the latest INSA poll.

Hundreds of major companies in Germany are openly doing a coordinated attack on the AfD right now

In Saxony in particular, the party continues to show its strength, scoring 34 percent in one of the latest polls and remaining in first place.

With his win, the 39-year-old Weigand becomes the third AfD mayor in the country. Weigand, an engineer in ceramics, glass and building materials technology, also realized his victory with an abnormally high turnout of 74 percent of 4,400 eligible voters. The town is situated 30 kilometers west of Dresden and has 6,000 residents.

That’s a big percent.

The media is attacking them, big business is attacking them, the government is organizing protests against them, and it’s all done nothing.

But you have to understand: if they were anywhere close to taking control of the federal government, they would all just be arrested.

The problems of democracy can’t be solved through voting. Voting is what created the problems in the first place.

The AfD is projected to win in Saxony, assuming they don’t get banned before the elections