“Jew Tattlebart”: Breitbart Jew Tattles on Black Woman Who Supports Farrakhan

We recently reported on Daily Caller tattletaling on Louis Farrakhan and getting his warning about vaccines shut down.

Apparently, the right-wing alternative media is taking up the role of institutionalized pro-Jewish tattletaling. Joel Pollak, who is Jew, has published an article on Breitbart entitle “Grammys Feature Farrakhan Fan Tamika Mallory, Ejected from Women’s March for Antisemitism” tattling on a woman for praising the good minister.

This black bitch I’m sure hates white people. Her performance at the Grammys was some kind of anti-white hate diatribe.

But who cares?

Why is Breitbart calling for censorship?

People should be allowed to say whatever they want.

What’s more – they’re going after her because she said nice things about Farrakhan.

Look at their caption here:

Think about this: the bitch is literally an anti-white hate figure.

If they’re going to get her censored, why don’t they demand she be canceled for her anti-white hate speech?

It’s because this is just a Jewish scheme. These right-wing publications are doing the same thing as the left does, they’re just doing it to leftists.

There aren’t many people on the left who the media wants censored, but they’re now moving to do that. We saw recently that they’re calling for Jimmy Dore, Cum Town, Chapo Trap House, and many others associated with the Bernie Sanders left to be censored.

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The fact that Breitbart, along with the Daily Caller, are participating in this campaign should make everyone who reads these publications angry. There is no reason anyone should ever be censored. Calling for the left to be censored is not “fighting back,” it’s reenforcing their agenda.

And who is Joel Pollak?

Even outside of the Jewish issue, “far-left activist becomes editor of right-wing publication, makes it less right-wing, uses it to push for censorship” should be a concern for anyone looking at this.

Right-wingers are just stupid.

Anyone should be allowed to say whatever they want, anywhere, period.

Breitbart is garbage.