Jewess Writer for Bizarre Marxist Website Calls a Disgusting Hate Site

Daily Slave
August 2, 2014

Jewess Marxist propagandist Tamar Auber’s Facebook page. She’s so Jewish that she even looks like a younger version of the late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir.

I was recently informed by a reader that a bizarrely insane Marxist-oriented website called Issue Hawk had taken an interest in some of the articles and postings that have been published on Daily Slave.  The Issue Hawk articles criticizing this website appear to have been written by a Jewess named Tamar Auber whose Facebook page features a weird picture of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir with a smurf.

Linked below are her articles.

A Disgusting Hate Site Just Called Obama an ‘Imperial King Monkey’ Surrounded by ‘Jew Operatives’

Scary or Just Sick Hate? Site Hails ‘Global Wave of Anti-Jewish Protests’, Claims There Will Soon Be No Safe Place for Jews

She has deceptively attempted to link this website to Frazier Glenn Cross, the crazy individual who shot up a Jewish center several months ago.  This is despite the fact that when the Cross shooting occurred, I published an article denouncing his actions.

She has also attempted to make people believe that the material published on this website will drive people to violence by quoting clowns at the Jewish dominated Southern Poverty Law Center.  The SPLC’s current President is a Jew by the name of Richard Cohen, so nothing from that organization should be considered trustworthy.  They also have a decades long track record of putting out lies and propaganda on mainstream news outlets.

For the sake of being 100% clear, this website does not promote violence against anyone regardless of their race, religion or creed.  The purpose of this website is to inform and educate people about a number of important issues.  The most important ones being the widespread Jewish domination of Western corporate and political institutions along with their sick agenda to destroy White European culture through a variety diabolical methods.  Other issues as pertinent are also discussed.  I believe that once enough people understand the truth about what is happening, real political change is possible.  Violence is not necessary in this process.

It is true that from time to time I’ve decided to use humor to prove points.  For example, referring to Barack Obama as a monkey is just an attempt to make people laugh.  If it offends people that’s their own problem.  It isn’t like this website is slaughtering Palestinian women and children in the Gaza Strip like the evil hate-filled Israeli Jews are.  If people want to expose hatred, than they should be talking about that situation instead of focusing in on a website that simply mocks the American President and exposes Jewish criminality.

This Jewess writer in both of her articles doesn’t even try to dispute any of the information presented on Daily Slave.  Like a typical Jewish propagandist, she just name calls without providing any substantive facts disputing the core of what is being presented.

On a side note, Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer website was subjected to denial of service attacks over the past couple of days.  As many of you are aware, Andrew has been very supportive of the work being produced here at Daily Slave.  I believe that it is a very encouraging sign that there are people who are choosing to take time out of their day to attack our sites.  Regardless of if the attacks are denial of service related or simply blog postings denouncing our work, it shows that our message is having a real impact on the overall narrative.