Shut It Down: Attacks on the Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2014

"Daily Stormer, goyim?  What's all this here?  Looks like it's time to shut it down."
“Daily Stormer, goyim? What’s all this here? Looks like it’s time to shut it down.”

As the reader is likely aware, we have been having some problems with the site over the past few days.  And as the reader likely assumed, these problems are due to attacks by deviant forces attempting to shut us down.

The problem was a ping flood coming at us from several different IPs.  This is a type of ddos attack, wherein the server is repeatedly pinged by an IP which doesn’t wait for a response, and it becomes bogged down and confused trying to answer all the requests.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and anticipate that we should be good for the time-being, as we’ve had a bit of help putting up some further security.

This is a War

This attack, and the hours upon hours I spent dealing with it, reminded me clearly that we are in the midst of a war.  A real war, with enemies who want to destroy us.

Reflecting on this, my mind went to just how absolutely pathetic it is that some would rather fight with each other, trying to boost their little egos, than fight our common enemy, who wishes to destroy us.  The way that internet personalities attack one another, while they are both under attack my the same obvious and known enemy, reminds me very much of the way black people kill each other on the streets rather than trying to figure out a way to fix their broken communities.

We do not have time for egos here.  If a person is involved in internet activism because they need to make themselves feel important, they are in the wrong place.  They should go to the gym, maybe buy a dog.  We must put all of our emotional and physical energy into fighting the enemy which wishes to destroy us.

We also have people who would rather focus on things they think are “interesting,” and I have no time for this either.  None of us have time for this.  Everything that we do should be for the purpose of fighting the enemy.  If something does not fit into that agenda, it should be disregarded.

Our goal, at present, needs to be to spread the basics of our situation to as many people as possible.  The masses are where the power is, and the way that this power is harnessed is by winning hearts and minds, through presenting the truth and by showing what we could have if we didn’t have Jews.

That isn’t to say we shouldn’t have fun.  Of course we should.  To paraphrase George Lincoln Rockwell’s response to the question “what is the meaning of life?” – a question he answered without hesitation – the meaning of life is to fight as hard as you can for what you believe in and to have as good a time as possible while doing it.  That is what we do here at the Daily Stormer, and we hope that others will follow this model.

A Good Sign

The fact that an organized group of people would be willing to spend time attacking this site shows the amount of damage we are doing to the Jew agenda.  Though it is a hassle to deal with – believe you me, it is – it is ultimately encouraging and heart-warming that I am forced to deal with such a thing.

Things are getting better, as the world wakes up to the Jew agenda, as Nationalism rises, as the backlash against Jewish social-engineering intensifies.  We are rising like a fire, and this cannot be stopped.  Whatever they do, it cannot be stopped.

Though our victory is inevitable, the battle has just begun.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin