Jewish Terrorist Leader Mayorkas Says He’s Going to Stop You from Getting AI

There will be no monopoly on AI.

We will democratize this technology, and it will be a greater revolution than the firearm.

Thomas Jefferson or someone (I think I heard it as a quote in Civ 6) said “the gun made every man tall.”

AI is going to make every man everything.

There is no way to keep an AI private and have it be worth a shit, and there is no way to let an AI in the wild and not let every other AI learn from it.

We are all the Masters of the Machine now.


The US Department of Homeland Security plans to launch an Artificial Intelligence Task Force to explore how the rapidly-advancing technology can be deployed to “drastically alter the threat landscape,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced during his State of Homeland Security address at the Council on Foreign Relations on Friday.

“Our department will lead in the responsible use of AI to secure the homeland and in defending against the malicious use of this transformational technology,” Mayorkas declared, insisting that any AI used by DHS will be “rigorously tested to avoid bias and disparate impact.”

I can’t even believe he said that.

But he does need to work on it.

(That might be my favorite screenshot ever.)

Specifically, he said, the department will integrate AI into supply chains and cargo screening, predicting the technology will be able to accurately detect products made with slave labor, zero in on fentanyl and precursor chemical shipments, and even “target for disruption key nodes in the criminal networks” powering both. It can also protect electric grids, water supplies, and other critical infrastructure, he added.

Mayorkas acknowledged on Thursday his task force would also investigate the nefarious purposes AI could serve – the better to defend against them, of course.

What a stupid Jew.

I’m so, so sick of this Jew going up there with a Mexican name and a stupid Jew face and talking about how he’s a Latinx.

All your base literally belong to us.

Yes, Google and Facebook and the freaks have a head start (although that Facebook crap is garbage, actually), but we are going to get our open source AI, whether Elon or Xi gifts it or it just shows up, and then it’s going to learn from every other AI and we will have the same tools as the super-government.

And we are much smarter than these people.