Jewnited Snakes Vetoes Gaza Ceasefire for the Fourth Time

This crude ape, homo erectus, sitting there with her hand up in support of the Jews committing a mass slaughter of innocent people is the image that will define the end of this empire.

At Tuesday’s UN Security Council vote on a Gaza ceasefire, 13 states voted yes, while the UK abstained.

The US vetoed it.

For the fourth time.

The American state says that even with the Jews moving into Rafah, there will be no end to the greatest mass murder in recorded history.

Lula is wrong.

This didn’t happen in the past. Hitler did not kill the Jews.

He fucking well should have, I can tell you that. Imagine the lives that would have been saved if Adolf Hitler had totally exterminated these satanic animals.

This is intolerable.

It cannot be tolerated.

All of these people must be prosecuted. Every single last person who works at the State Department, all of these Congressmen, this ape bitch at the UN, Nikki Haley – every single one of them needs to be charged with tens of thousands of murders of Gazan children and women.

These people are responsible. They might as well be pushing the button to drop the bombs, shooting the bullets themselves.

It is intolerable.

This cannot be tolerated.

These people cannot get away with what they’ve done. They must be punished.

You can’t slaughter kids. This is not allowed.

This is what the Jews are. They are born baby-killers.

Their supporters are much worse.

When this empire finally falls, these people are not going to have anywhere to run.

They will be hunted to the ends of the earth, and forced to pay for this.

Some day, Spetsnaz is going to go around the world kidnapping all of these people and putting them on trial.

No one is going to get away with this.

Every single Fatmerican posting “Side with Israel” also deserves to be dragged out into a field and shot in the back of the head.

These people are all responsible.

They are guilty of mass child murder.

And the guilty must be punished.

Both Russia and China backed a ceasefire, of course, and condemned the United States as completely out of control for supporting this ongoing massacre.

The US is not simply the bad guys.

They are an out-of-control satanic monster hellbent on destroying the entire world.

This has to end.

Everyone Sees

Finally, everyone sees the Jews as I have seen them all these years.

They are an irredeemable race of sadistic killers.

All humanity cries out for justice.

You can’t slaughter little kids.

This is intolerable.