NYC: High School Newspaper Calls Out Genocidal Jews

I have some issues with the word “genocide.” It’s just that it can basically refer to most military actions by the Untied States government.

What do you call the bombing of Dresden?

What do you call the bombing of Hiroshima?

What do you call what Eisenhower did in the camps after the end of the war? (He locked Germans in open air concentration camps and let them starve to death.)

What do you call the firebombing of Vietnamese and Cambodian villages during the Vietnam war?

You could probably say the same about the Second Battle of Fallujah, though there were at least fighters there (even though Uncle Sam was indiscriminately gassing civilians).

I have different feelings about these different events. I mean, America is always the bad guy. That’s just the fact. That’s been the case since that faggot Lincoln refused the Constitutionally-protected rights of those hillbillies to form their own country.

If Robert E. Lee had marched on Washington and had Lincoln hanged as a traitor and seditionist, we’d have a very different world these days, I can tell you that.

Anything can be a genocide, really. It’s just a mass killing of defenseless people, and the United States does this as a matter of course in every military conflict they are involved in.

Plus, the word “genocide” is heavily linked to the “fake shower room lampshade Holocaust,” which didn’t even happen.

That said: we all get what people mean when they say “Israel is committing a genocide.”

It’s just that this thing that Israel is doing is unique. No one has ever done anything like this, despite the fact that there is a long list of “genocides.” Purposefully slaughtering tens of thousands of women and children, with no clear military objective, is something we’ve never seen before in history. Just calling it “genocide” really takes away from the extreme nature of what is going on here with these Jews.

This Post report on the fact that high schoolers are being moved by these images they’re seeing online of the Jewish child murder campaign is absurd.

John Levine writes for the New York Post:

Stuyvesant High School students are teaching their classmates a lesson in hate, furious critics told The Post.

The student newspaper for the elite specialized city school ran a full page anonymous editorial in its most recent issue, accusing Israel of genocide, apartheid and ethnic cleansing — all while whitewashing Hamas’ depraved Oct. 7 massacre.


“BUT DO YOU CONDEMN HAMAS?” has become the new “my whole family was gassed by Hitler.”

I’ve explained it 6 million times: Hamas was 100% justified on October 7. They’re in a war. In a war, you engage in war offensives. What Israel is doing is not comparable to that in any way. Israel is just slaughtering random people.

The other thing is that we know Israel let October 7 happen on purpose, but that’s another issue.

Explaining how October 7 is the same thing as a 5-month campaign of purposefully targeting women and children for mass extermination is on par with explaining how toddlers are trannies because their souls got trapped in the wrong bodies.

Call it what it is: Genocide. Apartheid. Ethnic cleansing. For 75 years, Palestinians have been victims of blatant crimes against humanity as the rest of the world turns a blind eye to Israel’s atrocities,” the screed thundered on page 14 of The Spectator. “Before October 7th, Gaza was nearly off the radar, despite Israel’s relentless murder spree at the beginning of 2023.”

The article repeatedly dismissed confirmed reports that Hamas uses Gazans as human shields and has a network of tunnels underneath the territory’s hospitals.

“Confirmed reports.”

Shut up, kike.

Shut up.

The intention of this article is to open your eyes to the true suffering that Palestinians have undergone before and after October 7 at the hands of the Israeli government and military.”

The piece also refused to condemn Hamas, saying Palestinians should not bear any obligation to speak ill of the the terror group, which massacred at least 1,200, committed mass rape and decapitated Israeli babies in their murderous rampage.

Advocacy for the Palestinian cause shouldn’t always have to be preceded by a disclaimer that centers around Israeli suffering,” the op ed read. “I refuse to condemn resistance or anyone before I condemn the oppressor.”

It just never ends. I can’t believe they’re bringing back decapitated babies. That was fully debunked.


But I guess John Levine just thought “well, it’s been long enough, people probably forget that was debunked.”

The rapes are also of course debunked.

Also, Hamas is not a “terrorist group.” It’s a legitimate military organization.

The IDF is a terrorist group. They’re the ones killing babies.

The Jews are of course calling for the school to be punished. I assume they will try to get everyone working there fired, and then try to dox the anonymous authors of the piece and totally destroy their lives.

This is how Jews respond to criticism: they destroy your life.

Trust me on that one.