Jews are So Miserable

I’ve been watching comedy videos. I watched some Rodney Dangerfield. He’s about as Jewish as it gets. He’s incredibly funny.

I was watching him on the Dean Martin show.

But if you think about his performance, you think “he’s performing for non-Jews.”

I wanted to see how he would behave with Jews. I watched this interview with another ultra-Jew, Howard Stern, recorded just a few weeks before his death. The interview was a reflection on his life, coming after he’d written a biography.

I realized, once again (and it really hit this time): these Jews are miserable. They are more miserable than I am. I guess we might say “the only thing more miserable than an anti-Semite is a Jew.”

I want to read the biography. I probably will, if I have time. I might stop thinking about this completely.

The issues that these people have with their mothers are incredible. Rodney, at the age of 80, is talking about his mother, a single mother, and says “to her, I represented all men.” He says his mother never toilet trained him and so he shat his pants at school.

Howard Stern has the same relationship with his mother, and this is very obvious. I think all Jews have this.

He then blames his own kids for their problematic relationship, after blaming his mother and father for those relationships.

They have such incredibly low self-esteem. These Jews hate themselves. Rodney calls Howard “Harold,” and the black bitch corrects him and he says “I don’t care, I’m nothing compared to this guy” and Rodney says “nah, I’m nothing.”

He also talks about being molested as a boy in New York. I’m sure it’s a Jew that was doing it. Probably a rabbi.

Rodney ultimately says that his life was nothing but misery and he’ll be happy to be dead. He doesn’t even believe in God or an afterlife. Howard then says “there is something in my mind that makes me unable to enjoy anything.”

He says that Judaism never mattered to him, then Stern says “everything got here by accident” and Rodney just laughs.

This was his last interview before a surgery that he died during a couple months later, and it was just going over the misery of his life.

Rodney had so many good jokes, all of them self-deprecating. He said: “My whole life, all I knew was rejection. My yo-yo, it never came back.”

I went and watched a 1997 interview between these two, and found that Dangerfield (should we just call him “Cohen”?) was just as miserable then. It seems that his stage personality was very accurate. He was a man totally eaten up by misery, and I think that all Jewish men are this way.

I don’t think that someone like Dangerfield hated the goyim like someone like Ben Shapiro does. Shapiro is eaten up by hatred and self-loathing, while Dangerfield had only self-loathing, and loathing for all of the people around him.

It’s very sad to me. Whatever you want to say about the Jews, they are people with feelings, and they have very strong feelings. They are miserable. It doesn’t excuse what they do. Things are tough all over. But we should understand that it is very tough to be these people.

It goes to my point about everything: the only reason people hurt other people is that other people hurt them. It’s a cycle that goes back to Cain murdering Abel.

We’re all miserable. Any man with any basic common sense recognizes that this existence is endless misery. But at least the Christians have Jesus. The Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists have whatever. The Jews though, they have nothing but their own suffering, and the inevitably of death.

The Jews have to be neutralized, because they are destroying the world. Clearly, this misery they suffer relates to the suffering they cause on us. We need to recognize our own interests, and the interests of the world first. But there is no reason not to have sympathy for the Jews.