Wealthy Jewish Families Staying Away from Ivy League Because of Pro-Palestine Students

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New York Post:

If you want to improve your kid’s chances of getting into an elite university — and you can afford it — it certainly doesn’t hurt to start donating major cash to the school as early as possible.

But some wealthy Jewish families who have done just that at schools like Harvard and Columbia, sometimes beginning when their children were in first grade, are now writing it off as a loss.

Following an explosion of pro-Palestine rallies and anti-Israel sentiment in the Ivy League, some families of high-school seniors are crossing the schools off their application lists.

“They’re not paying a single dollar more to the schools,” college admissions consultant Christopher Rim told The Post. “They don’t want to be associated with these schools. They are totally out.”

Rim, who is the founder of Command Education, said people are changing their minds last minute this application cycle.

“It’s top of mind for the current seniors,” Rim said. “They’re asking to edit and refine their college lists now.”

The trend is a response to viral displays of campus anti-semitism — from Jewish students mobbed by pro-Palestinian demonstrators at Harvard to a Cornell student making anti-semitic death threats.

“Jewish families’ biggest concern is really about how the administrations didn’t react to protect all of their students,” Rim told The Post. “Private schools in more conservative parts of the country, like Wash U [in St. Louis], Emory [in Atlanta], SMU [near Dallas] and Vanderbilt [in Nashville] are popular choices as a Plan B.”

Why is this guy’s name “Rim”? Is that his birth name? Or a nom de plume?

One of his clients just dropped their dream school of Columbia from the application list after three and a half years of consultations.

“That was the only school that the student wanted to go to,” Rim said. “But now, after everything that’s happened on campuses, this family is like, ‘You know what, we don’t want to go to any Ivy.’”

Instead, they’ve opted to apply to Emory and Washington University, even though Rim says he fully expects this student could get into Columbia or Harvard. The change of plans was so last minute that Rim and the student had to scramble to write entirely new essays ahead of a November 1 early-application deadline.

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