Jews, Respectable Conservatism and White Nationalism

Karl Radl
World View Foundations
September 1, 2013


When people think of the Jew: they often think of a human version of the chameleon. Since the Jew changes his spots to suit whatever cause he may currently think would be in his, and his tribes best interests to support. This is basically as MacDonald has outlined in his series of books about a Jewish group evolutionary function. This is why one often hears those who are racially aware rail against ‘Communist Jews’, ‘Capitalist Jews’, ‘Anarchist Jews’, ‘Conservative Jews’ and so on, but more recently there has been a new insidious trend emerging in form of ‘White Nationalist Jews’…

Yes, folks… the Jews have decided that White Nationalism is a threat to them, and they have begun their infiltration of it by offering Jewish support to certain pro-Jewish segments of it. These segments are corrupt and greedy for any power as they are have decided to take these thirty pieces of silver from the Jew in order to fulfil their own lusts, and desires [too long in the wilderness perhaps?]. Or perhaps to make themselves more ‘respectable’, because they have Jews involved and hence they can’t be ‘anti-Semitic’ or ‘Nazis’ any more: can they?

The so-called ‘White Nationalists’ who accept these thirty pieces of silver from the Jew are not ‘helping save their race’ as some deluded individuals would argue. In fact by taking these bribes of power, money and ‘respectability’: they are doing quite the opposite. It is impossible to deny that at the very least the ‘Jewish people’ have an extreme amount of influence upon the Western world, and that the most notable bastion of this influence is in the United States. These so-called ‘White Nationalists’ often accept this fact privately, and even in some cases to an extent publicly.

However; as we know from their own writings, many of the so-called ‘White Nationalist’ luminaries recognise that Jews were; and are, at least partially responsible for the destruction of White racial consciousness. This author would further add that this has contributed to the significant deterioration of the White race soul and thus making it all the harder to stop the extinction of our people.

The unquestionable fact remains [despite how annoying this is to philo-Semites] that the Jew was directly and/or indirectly responsible for nearly all of the negative historical events/ideologies/social trends, which have caused this destruction to come about. The Jew Marx created Communism, the Jew Lassalle screamed for Socialism, the Jew Herzl argued for Zionism, the Jew Hess ranted about both Socialism and Zionism, the Jew Rand glorified selfishness, the Jewish Rothschild dynasty abused Capitalism, the Jew Hefner built a pornographic business empire by exploiting White men and women, the Jew La Vey organised mass depravities of the flesh, the Jew Freud obsessed over genitalia and the Jews Boas and Montagu claimed that Race didn’t even exist. It goes on and on and one can clearly state that the Jew is the culture destroyer not the culture bearer.

Since the Jew tries to warp anything he touches to match his insane Semitic tastes. The so-called ‘White Nationalists’ would be unlikely to dispute the above socio-politico ideologies/theories as the major players in the destruction of White Racial consciousness. All these major socio-politico ideologies/events were the work of the Jew: as any cursory glance at biographies of these individuals or the main works of the theories will quickly inform an interested individual.

However these ‘White Nationalists’ have the obvious lack of ideological forthrightness to have the absolute commitment to the truth that White Nationalism must demand if it is ever to be successful in saving our people. If they do not recognise the Jew as the deadliest; nay eternal, enemy of the White race then they are failing in that commitment. If such so-called ‘White-Nationalists’ choose to get into bed with the Jew then they are not only failing in their commitment to the truth, but in fact have ceased to stay even a ‘White Nationalist’ in name [if they ever were to start with].

If an individual and/or group does this then they are not ‘White Nationalists’, but just another part of the problem that we face. They have simply reconciled themselves with the prevailing set of institutions, albeit for now as part of the ‘official opposition’ or as Bob Whittaker calls them ‘respectable conservatives’. Perhaps Whittaker’s characterization isn’t quite accurate for this group of so-called ‘White Nationalists’, and perhaps a more fitting one might be ‘respectable revolutionaries’.

A ‘respectable revolutionary’ is simply a ‘racist respectable conservative’, but it allows the Jew to dominate its ideology: in the same way the ‘respectable conservative’ was corrupted by the other incarnations of the Jew. Of course, the Jewish influence within ‘respectable revolutionary’ circles is likely to be both direct [as in Jews being directly involved] and indirect [pro-Jewish theories and ideological positions being pushed/’officially endorsed’ by these circles], and hence the members of these circles/ideologies are nothing more than the latest; as William Dudley Pelley said so well, dupes of Judah.

This changing of the Jew’s spots and subsequent proliferation of dupes of Judah can be easily evidenced by the preposterous and downright false idea that there are such creatures as ‘White Jews’ or ‘pro-White Jews’. The Jew is pro nothing, but the Jew himself and his tribe. This should be evident by the writings of these ‘pro-White Jews’ such as the Jew Lawrence Auster. Who despite being a ‘devout Christian’ often shows his ‘loyalty’ to White people by calling them ‘anti-Semites’ and ranting about ‘anti-Semitism’ and how it must be extinguished from the ‘pro-White movement’. Auster is one of these so called ‘White Jews’ by the way and bills himself as one of the America’s most politically incorrect ‘pro-White’ writers.

When someone says anything remotely critical of Jews: the Jew Auster goes off on an irrational bent about ‘anti-Semitism’, and flagellates the White race about the ‘Holocaust’ and the ‘crimes of Islam against Israel’.

So much for his ‘pro-White’ loyalty!

As a Polish proverb once read: ‘the Jew cries out in pain as he slaps you’. This holds true for the Jew Auster and his ilk of ‘pro-White Jews’. They are not White and they are not ‘pro-White’. Instead they are Jewish and are pro-Jews. If you continue to assume they are White: they will continue to slap you when you turn to deal with the heart of the racial problem: the Jew!

If you doubt the ability of the Jewish chameleon then take a glance over Jewish history. After all if one group has been ‘persecuted relentlessly for three thousand years’ then don’t you think they must be doing something to annoy a lot of different people over a significant and sustained period of time? Right?