Jews Systematically Harassing UN Staff in West Bank

I’m not a huge UN respecter, and in fact, I don’t even appreciate the UN.

However, the UN aid people in Palestine are very brave.

As we’ve seen, they are viewed by Jews as “enemy combatants.”

The Guardian:

UN staff working with Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have been subjected to a systematic campaign of obstruction and harassment by the Israeli military and authorities since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza five months ago, according to internal UN documents obtained by the Guardian.

The documents record hundreds of incidents ranging from the alleged blindfolding and beating of UN staff at checkpoints to the use of UN facilities by Israeli troops as firing positions during raids on refugee camps in which Palestinians were killed.

Yeah, they blindfold and beat all non-Jews at checkpoints.

Pretty standard Jewish welcoming commission activities.

The documents have been compiled by Unrwa, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine, which has provided essential services to the Palestinians in the occupied territories for decades. The agency has been at the centre of a bitter controversy after being accused by Israel of collaborating with Hamas in Gaza. It denies the charge and says no solid evidence has been presented to support the allegation.

Juliette Touma, Unrwa’s spokesperson, said the incidents in the West Bank – where the agency runs 96 schools and 43 health clinics for 871,000 registered refugees – detailed in the internal documents were “part of a wider pattern of harassment that we are seeing against Unrwa in the West Bank and Jerusalem”.

The documents also allege that “Unrwa staff [in the West Bank] have been verbally abused, subject to identity checks and searches, and required to lift their clothing to demonstrate the absence of weapons”.

In addition, “increasingly egregious violations of privileges and immunities of the UN have been recorded, including entries into Unrwa installations by armed personnel as part of ISF [Israeli security forces] operations, as well as damage to Unrwa installations incurred during the course of such operations”.

The documents cite the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the UN, adopted in 1946, under which UN agencies “are entitled to carry out activities in support of their mandate without hindrance”.

In one of the most serious alleged incidents described in the documents, two Unrwa staff in a marked UN vehicle were stopped by soldiers at a temporary checkpoint in February 2024 as they tried to leave a Palestinian village near Bethlehem.

The soldiers, who “forcefully” removed the keys and “forced the staff to get out … at gunpoint”, then searched the vehicle and mocked the staff “making reference to the staff belonging to Hamas”. The staff were then instructed to kneel down, were blindfolded, handcuffed with plastic cable-ties and beaten before a senior officer intervened, the documents allege.

The documents also describe the use of Unrwa facilities by Israeli troops during military operations in the West Bank, including at least one when several Palestinians were killed.

Since 7 October, according to the documents, Unrwa has recorded 135 incidents affecting its clinics, schools or offices, from incursions and misuse to military operations resulting in teargas canisters or bullets landing in them.

The documents allege that on 8 December, Israeli security forces launched a raid targeting militants in al-Faara refugee camp in the northern West Bank, where they broke through the gate of the Unrwa health centre there and took down its UN flag.

This is in the West Bank, by the way.

It’s not in Gaza, where Hamas is. It’s a totally separate part of Palestine, which is run by Israeli occupiers and an Arab traitor/collaborator government.

I don’t think there are any UN workers left in Gaza now.

But the Jews are planning to clear all of these people out.