Joe Biden Goes to Tulsa, Cites Race Hoax While Stirring Up Race Hate Against Whites

Legitimately elected President Joe Biden is really tackling the serious issues – like the looming, constant and inexplicable threat of white people.

He commemorated on Tuesday the 100th anniversary of the 1921 “Tulsa Massacre.” This is a kind of Mumia Abu-Jamal race hoax mixed with Wakanda type mythology. It’s really a nutty thing that no one has ever taken seriously – like so many other things – until now. Basically, a white woman was raped yet again (or had sex with a black and lied and said it was rape – whatever, chances are always about 50/50). Blacks showed up at the courthouse to support him, against the whites that wanted him lynched, then a black neighborhood got burned down. Blacks now claim that they were building their own Wall Street in Tulsa – that it was a center of global finance – and that white people destroyed it to hold them back.

Biden (or the other Biden) went to Tulsa, and claimed that he would fight “white supremacy” and give blacks even more money. He noted that he was the first president to take this event seriously. Barack Obama didn’t take it seriously, because at that time, people still would have laughed at this “we wuz kangz” stuff.

“Imagine all of those hotels and diners and mom-and-pop shops that could have been passed down this past 100 years,” Biden said, claiming that he is going to aid “black wealth creation.” That will include special contracts for “black owned businesses,” and combating “racial discrimination in housing,” which means moving black public housing into white neighborhoods. He noted that black home ownership is lower than it was 50 years ago, which seems to conflict with the idea that their entire civilization was destroyed in 1921 by a racist mob.

The important bits were what he said about his plan to punish white people for these alleged historical injustices.

He compared the Tulsa event to Charlottesville and the Capitol Storm (neither of which had anything to do with black people), and cited “violent white extremist thugs” as America’s greatest threat.

“Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today,” Biden claimed odiously, citing intelligence agencies.

This is all getting really extreme. This rhetoric they are pumping up is real hate speech designed to dehumanize white people.

We can now see that Charlottesville – and the whole Alt-Right for that matter – was an absolute setup from the beginning, designed to pull people in so they could be used in this narrative. Then they just did the same thing again at the Capitol in January. They set these events up, suck in normal people who love their country as patsies, then form these bizarre narratives. It’s like scripting a film.

It’s very intense, what is happening – the way the leaders of the country are able to go right out in the open now and spew anti-white hatred, the way they are able to just manufacture nonsensical fantasies about the threat of whites.

Blacks are 13% of the population of the United States and they commit more than 50% of violent crime. White people do not commit very much crime at all. There is no such thing as white terrorism – other than that which is created by the intelligence agencies (i.e., Atomwaffen, which the FBI for some reason recently decided to allow to operate again).

We are all witnessing, everyday, an ongoing campaign of violence against random, helpless Asian people by the blacks. That’s in headlines. Their daily attacks and murders of whites usually do not make headlines. They recently did when a black homosexual killed a little 4-year-old white boy who he had been raping.

It happens every day.

The claim that whites are a violent threat against blacks or anyone is just a clearly nonsensical claim.

None of this ongoing anti-white agenda makes any coherent sense unless there is a plan brewing to openly target white people with organized violence.

This cannot end well, obviously.

White people need to start realizing that it doesn’t matter if they “don’t see color.” There are people who do see color, and they want to kill you because of your color. Therefore, it is necessary for whites to come together around their color for the purpose of defending themselves.