Just How Jewish is the US Government?

It’s been talked about a lot, but it’s worth reminding everyone: Joe Biden has the single most Jewish government in American history, by a lot.

Of the 26 cabinet positions listed on WhiteHouse.gov, 9 of them are Jews. This is 35% of the cabinet. Jews are 2% of the US population, so they are overrepresented in this government by 17x.

While 17x is a very extreme overrepresentation in itself, who are the ones that matter? Who are the ones you see on TV all the time?

It is: Garland, Blinken, Yellen, Mayorkas, and sometimes Austin. If you decide to include Austin as a major player, which is perhaps stretching the relevance of this moronic diversity hire, you have an 80% Jewish government.

The positions of Director of National Intelligence and White House Chief of staff are also important positions, and those are both held by Jews. The two other very influential people, who are not technically cabinet members, are Jake Sullivan and Victoria Nuland, the latter of which is Jewish.

Adding all those positions together, we have 9 major players, and 7 of them are Jewish. Seven of Nine, we could say, like the titty slut from Star Trek: Voyager.

I hated when Star Trek went full-titty slut, but she turned out to be a pretty good character. Voyager is very underrated, though not as underrated as Enterprise.

Seven of Nine is 78%. That means in important positions of power in the government, Jews are overrepresented by 39x. If you consider that Austin is literally a house nigger who does whatever the Jews say, and Sullivan is a homosexual who lives his life in service of Jews, you end up with a situation where the government of the United States is more or less as Jewish as the government of Israel.

There’s a whole lot of Jewing going on.

Man, I ain’t faking. There’s a whole lot of Jewing going on.

You’re not allowed to criticize them, or even mention the fantastic absurdity of the situation, or you’re accused of bigotry. It’s a cliche, but imagine if these were all “Asian Americans.” This would actually be less ridiculous, as Asians make up 4% of the population (so it would be only half as ridiculous). If Seven of Nine positions of power in the US government were held by Asian people, there is simply no way that this would go unstated.

Part of the issue is that to the untrained eye, Jews look like white people. In the Asian example, even if the Asians tried to claim that they can’t be talked about by anyone, ever, let alone criticized, because anyone who criticizes them is “trying to do another Nanjing,” people would still talk about it, because it would be so glaring and bizarre.

We Need to Tell the Leftists

Right now, the leftists are protesting the Israeli genocide in Gaza, but they are not talking about the fact that the reason America is supporting this genocide is that America’s government is totally run by the Jews.

Part of this is maybe that they feel uncomfortable saying it, but I think a bigger part is that they are simply not aware of this fact. As we’ve seen, leftists might not feel comfortable saying “Jew,” but they will say “Zionist,” and more or less every Jew is a Zionist. Maybe 1% of Jews are not Zionists, and some of them are actually okay (like Glenn Greenwald or Norman Finkelstein). Certainly, all of these Jews in the government are Zionists, and it is impossible to have a discussion about America’s relationship with Israel without talking about the fact that the government is run by de facto Israeli citizens.

Note: The “dual citizenship” thing comes up a lot in these conversations, and I’ve actually seen people falsely state that Jews in the government have dual citizenship when they technically don’t. But the key word there is “technically.” Every single Jew in the world is able to gain Israeli citizenship with a DNA test, which means that they are all already de facto citizens, because the citizenship can appear on request. None of them need dual citizenship as it is now, so it would just be a liability. However, if they need to move to Israel and get their tax cuts (which is why Jews usually go through the process of obtaining dual citizenship), they can do so at any time.

From what I’ve seen, aside from the Moslems themselves, you have primarily white women at these protests, and they are simply mindless whores who don’t know anything about anything. If people started to inform them that Seven of Nine positions of serious power in the US government are held by “Zionists,” these women would repeat that. They’re not going to go along with some bullshit about how they can’t talk about it because of the Holocaust. They are being told they can’t criticize Israel because of the Holocaust, and they’re all out on the streets protesting.

We have a moment here where things are finally boiling over and could spin completely out of control. These Jews are going nuts. They absolutely could lose control of the narrative, and an antisemitic agenda could break through.

All of us need to do our best to guide this process.

I think there is a resurgence of anti-Stormerism because at this point in time America has not yet learned how to be antisemitic. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. America is not going to be the Jew-lover societies they once were in the last century. Stormers are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for America to make. They are now going into an antisemitic mode and Stormers will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, America will not survive.