Judge Declares Texas Protecting Own Borders “Unconstitutional”

Letting black and brown primates run wild is one of the core aspects of our democracy.

It just goes on and on and on.

It took nearly a year for Tucker Carlson to cajole Greg Abbott – who by the way, does not have working legs – to try to close the border. Then a couple of months later you get this.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s effort to secure his state’s border with Mexico amid record migrant flows has been thrown open to legal challenges after a judge found the Operation Lone Star program to be unconstitutional.

The potentially pivotal ruling came on Thursday, when Travis County District Court Judge Jan Soifer dismissed criminal charges against a migrant who was arrested for trespassing last September. The judge, who formerly chaired the Travis County Democratic Party, found that the Texas border crackdown violates the Constitution by challenging federal control over immigration policy.

The Republican governor launched Operation Lone Star last March, blaming President Joe Biden for the border crisis and saying that in lieu of federal law being enforced, the state would combat smuggling of illegal aliens and drugs. Thousands of migrants have been arrested by Texas state troopers under the program. They have been charged under state laws, such as trespassing and criminal damage to property.

Illegal border crossings into the US surged to a 61-year high in 2021.

None of this is going to stop.

It’s basically at this point just a gigantic distraction. The government has total power, and no one is interested in fighting back against it. Far from opposing the Democrats, the Republicans are a part of the same system, and just put up a fake fight.

You’ll see a lot of bloviating about this, but instead of resisting the court order (as he has a legal right to do, actually, as governor), he’ll go along with it and it will turn into some big endless thing that the media drones on and on about as our country continues to be flooded with people who will never leave (as long as the federal government tit continues to feed them).