Just How Jewish Can You Get?

I somehow ended up watching the 20-minute highlight reel from Rachel Maddow’s August 22nd show. Frankly, I did not truly understand just how Jewish this bitch is. This is the most Jewish 20 minutes I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

She is still doing bits about the Mueller report – she is connecting it to the raid on Donald Trump’s home. She interviews her Jew cousin Adam Schiff about just how much trouble Donald Trump is in for “stealing classified documents.” She then interviews Anthony Fauci, and heaps 2020-style praise on the disgraced hoaxster.

She asks Fauci about the “dangerous conspiracy theories against him.” He denounces all Trump supporters, and claims that Trump supporters do not believe January 6 happened. He says that – “there are people who don’t believe it happened.” There is no one who believes that, actually. There are a lot of people who question why the police decided to open the doors and allow protesters to stream in single file, but I don’t think there is a single person on earth who believes that it “didn’t happen.”

The fact that he would make that claim proves just what a slimy liar he actually is, and he fits perfectly on this Rachel Maddow show, which is completely beyond the pale.

There is no possible word you could use to describe the totality of what she is doing on this show other than “Jewish.” You can’t say “liberal” or “leftist” – she is aggressively supporting the fed cops just raiding people for political reasons. She goes beyond that, and says that the FBI is like, the greatest organization ever. A leftist can’t say that.

She goes into these extreme conspiracy theories and then just lies. She claims that the Mueller report documented “many, many crimes committed by Donald Trump” which is just a lie. She doesn’t list off the crimes, because no crimes were listed. I remember the Mueller report, and it said “maybe he committed a crime, but we didn’t find any.”

I watch a lot of CNN clips, so I’m aware of the slant and the bias, as well as lies about things that can’t be proved to be lies (but which are obvious lies). But saying that the Mueller report found crimes – that is something anyone can just look up in 5 seconds.

I just looked it up. This is the official conclusion from Mueller: “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

That is to say “maybe he committed a crime, but we didn’t find any.”

I was thinking “who is the audience?” then I saw the view count.

You add that to a couple hundred thousand views on TV, and you have this entire body of unhinged, lunatic women screaming in the streets about how orange man is bad. All those people screaming are followers of this woman. She comes up with these lies and theories, and people believe them, and then they act insane.

This is the root of all of this lunacy: Rachel Maddow’s Jewish TV show. This is where it is coming from.

I read and watch a lot of leftist stuff, but none of it ever seemed quite as insane as those insane women you see screaming in the streets. But this Maddow show is exactly that insane. She is totally unhinged, and just spewing total venom.

Basically, it’s exactly what the Jews accuse Tucker Carlson of doing – except with the stuff Tucker Carlson says, you can look it up and confirm that it’s true.

Unlike the left, I do not think people who lie and hoax should be silenced. The problem is, people who tell the truth are silenced while people like Rachel Maddow are promoted as voices of reason. Censorship always has two purposes: they silence people telling the truth, but by doing so, they also validate the positions of public liars. If there was not this much censorship, Rachel Maddow’s show would have to be canceled, as it would just be too ridiculous even for the most ridiculous people.

Jewish liars thrive in an environment of censorship where no one is allowed to question them.