Justice Department Reclassifies Marijuana as a Less Dangerous Drug

Marijuana is a more dangerous drug. Since they legalized it, it is like 100x stronger than it was in the 1990s.

People are having psychotic episodes and developing schizophrenia because of weed.

Why does the government want everyone to be on drugs? Is it because people on drugs are not going to resist their lunatic agenda?

New York Post:

The Justice Department on Thursday formally moved to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug in a historic shift in generations of US drug policy.

A proposed rule sent to the federal register recognizes the medical uses of cannabis and acknowledges it has less potential for abuse than some of the nation’s most dangerous drugs.

The plan approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland does not legalize marijuana outright for recreational use.

The Drug Enforcement Administration will take public comment on the proposal to move marijuana away from its current classification as a Schedule I drug, alongside heroin and LSD.

It moves pot to Schedule III, alongside ketamine and some anabolic steroids.

The move comes after a recommendation from the federal Health and Human Services Department, which launched a review of the drug’s status at the urging of President Joe Biden in 2022.

Biden also has moved to pardon thousands of people convicted federally of simple possession of marijuana and has called on governors and local leaders to take similar steps to erase convictions.

This is monumental,” Biden said in a video statement, calling it an important move toward reversing longstanding inequities. “Far too many lives have been upended because of a failed approach to marijuana, and I’m committed to righting those wrongs. You have my word on it.”

The Justice Department is run by the Jews, by the way.

The Jews want you on drugs. They also want you fat. They do not want you sharp of mind and body.

A sharp people are a dangerous people.

The Jews want you as weak as possible.