Scotland: Latest Census Shows Majority of Population is Atheist

Atheists believe that life created itself somehow and then started transforming into different animals. Then fish transformed into monkeys.

How is this more rational than a talking snake?

Frankly, Christians don’t even necessarily believe the talking snake is a literal thing. But it shouldn’t really be that crazy of a concept that there was a humanoid reptile at some point in ancient history. Anyway, Christians (at least not normal Christians) don’t feel a need to totally understand all of the details of the nature of reality.

But atheists think fish transformed into monkeys. That is literally the stupidest thing ever. These are the same people who came up with child trannies.

Scientologists are better than atheists. By a lot. If the majority of Scotland was Scientologist, they would probably all be rich.

The Guardian:

A majority of people in Scotland say they do not follow any religion – the first time secular attitudes have overtaken religious identity.

Data from the latest Scottish census, carried out in 2022, shows 51% of the population reported they belonged to no religion – a sharp increase on the 36.7% in 2011.

The Church of Scotland, the once-dominant Presbyterian church, which is now holding its annual general assembly in Edinburgh, was the most heavily affected by the surge in secularism.

Yeah, well.

That church was sort of garbage, frankly. I mean, it was their church, okay, it’s a Christian church, I’m not against it.

But I’m not really surprised they failed like Ben Shapiro trying to prove 40 decapitated babies.

The census found the number of people who identified with the Church of Scotland had slumped by more than a third over the decade, falling from 32.4% of the population in 2011 to 20.4%, or 1.1 million people, in 2022.

Weird how the more “inclusive” these fake churches get, the fewer people attend them

The number of Catholics in Scotland also fell, though less dramatically, from 15.9% to 13.3%, or 723,000 people.

Overall, Scotland is now a more ethnically diverse country. Nearly 13% of the population said they were from a minority ethnic background, up from 8.2% in 2011 and 4.5% in 2001. The census found 1.3% were of Pakistani descent or origin, 1% Irish, 1% Indian and 1% African.

Yeah, great, great.

Just stop believing in Jesus and then exterminate white people.

Great plan. Brilliant strategy. No wonder Scotland is so economically prosperous with such a low level of alcoholism and domestic violence.

The figures substantiate mounting evidence of Scotland’s increased secularism, such as church attendance and marriage data. The Church of Scotland, in particular, is selling off churches and merging parishes as it tries to adapt. In 2022 only 60,000 people worshipped in its churches.

Overall, only 38.8% of Scotland’s population said they were Christian, down from 54% in 2011. England and Wales have also recorded declines in religious identification, though at a slower rate, with 46.2% of people saying they were Christian.

Fraser Sutherland, the chief executive of the Humanist Society Scotland, said the data bolstered the argument that churches should no longer be allowed to sit on council education committees, and that state schools should no longer promote religious observance.

“When the current census survey was sent round in 2022, we encouraged respondents to be honest about their beliefs if they were non-religious,” he said. “These results bear out the fact that more people feel confident and open about expressing an atheist, secular or agnostic worldview than ever before.”

Why would you be against religion?

Even if you are some kind of absurd freak that believes fish can turn into monkeys, wouldn’t you acknowledge that religion is obviously good for society? Isn’t that self-evident?

I guess not to the same people who think replacing white people with primitive savages is a good idea.

Scotland is ultra-doomed.

You see so much weird shit from these people.

The joys of secularism are overwhelming