Kiev: Anal March Shut Down Over Security Concerns

As I understand it, the entire stated purpose of the Ukraine war was that Ukrainians wanted to do gay anal marches in the Donbass.

It would have been one of the funniest things to happen in history if Putin would have dropped missiles on the pride parade.

Of course, he doesn’t really do things like that.

The Guardian:

The first Kyiv Pride march since the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine was stopped by police after travelling only a few metres due to safety fears.

In a display of resilience amid the conflict, several hundred people gathered in the rain at 10am local time in central Kyiv under umbrellas, waving rainbow flags and carrying banners with messages of unity and peace.

Chanting “glory to the heroes” and “make Russia pay”, protesters called for tougher legal protection in the form of a hate crime law, equal marriage rights and more weapons for the military.


They will get all of that.

It’s incredible that Republicans still support what is openly a war for gay sex.

The crowd was dispersed after only ten minutes, however, and redirected into the subway and on to trains by the police. One of the event’s organisers, Robert Lutsenko, said police had warned that radical, anti-LGBTQ+ groups had also organised gatherings in the city.

“We always face significant opposition and violence in our efforts to organise Pride events, many homophobes believe it should not be allowed in Ukraine for gays to have rights,” said Lutsenko. “Every day, we face homophobic opinions and protests against the way we live our lives.”

Previous Ukrainian Pride marches have been disrupted by violence. In one incident in 2015, 10 marchers and several police officers were injured in an attack by homophobic protesters.

The Kyiv Pride team said it had worked in close coordination with police and the local administration to organise the event amid the dual threat posed by conservative groups and regular Russian attacks. It was held close to a metro station for shelter in the event of an air raid warning, and with heavy police presence.

Yeah, Putin should have just bombed the parade.

I mean, seriously. Why not? Who really cares at this point? None of Putin’s allies would have been upset about an atrocity against gays, and many people in the West would have thought it was hilarious.