Kissinger Says Germany Made a “Grave Mistake” Letting Moslems Move There

Now, this is a keen observation.

Fox News:

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger says it was a “grave mistake” for Germany to allow so many migrants in, warning that it creates a “pressure group” in a country — just as Germany has seen pro-Hamas celebrations in the streets.

“It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that,” the 100-year-old former U.S. diplomat said in an interview with Germany’s Welt TV.

Kissinger was born in Germany and fled Nazi Germany as a Jewish refugee with his family before becoming America’s top diplomat under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

He was responding to a question about scenes in Germany where Arab protesters in Berlin streets had, according to Welt, celebrated the recent Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel and handed out candy to participants.

“I don’t have a grievance against the German people. I find celebrations about what happened, which technically was a criminal act, as painful,” he said.

Did Germans really want these people in their country, Henry?

Germany most recently took in significant numbers of migrants, including many from Muslim-majority countries, during the 2015 European migrant crisis — with then-Chancellor Angela Merkel declaring, “Wir schaffen das” or “We can do this.” Kissinger did not specifically mention the 2015 crisis in his remarks.

Kissinger told Welt that there must be “some penalty” and “some limitation” for Hamas, but he also warned about escalation in the region.

“The first instinct is to bring back peace, but you can’t make concessions to people who have declared and demonstrated by their actions that there cannot be peace.”

I am against immigration, but I support Palestine.

So to me… it’s kinda all balancing out here.

The Palestine War that is happening – and really hasn’t even gotten started yet – is going to force the ultimate reckoning. Europeans are going to be forced to confront the Jew thing and the immigration thing, and presumably, figure out that the Jews were behind the immigration.

It’s a win-win.

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