Germany: Poor District in Munich Protests Against Being Flooded with Invaders

Shit’s so bad even the dogs are protesting

The rich and middle classes are very happy to flood white countries with “refugees.”

Conveniently, they don’t have to live near them.


Residents in a small village-like district of Munich, which is located near the rural outskirts of the city, are rebelling openly against more migrants in the neighborhood which is already struggling with 400.

In a story that is playing out across Germany, the Johanneskirchen district is fighting against the demographic transformation. The movement against mass migrant resettlement in the small district is being led by a cardiology doctor, Alexander Leber, who has three daughters, along with dozens of citizens from the area.

“They have a screw loose,” said Leber, who helps run a website for their citizens’ initiative.

Or maybe their screws are overtightened.

We can’t say.

There should be two new migrant shelters built directly in the small space, one with 284 places on Mirabellerweg and another at Glücksburger Street with 190 places. The problem is the town already has 400 migrants housed in a former hotel near its train station.

The refugees in this hotel are Ukrainians, so probably mostly or entirely women and children

“Johanneskirchen is like a village. Then we have almost 900 refugees per 2500 inhabitants. The new accommodations are coming to the open field – there is no infrastructure there at all. How are the people supposed to be integrated there? There’s no concept either!” writes Leber.

Leber told Bild newspaper that while there have been no issues with migrants “yet,” the fact that so many are coming at one time is deeply problematic.

“Red-Green is pushing all the refugees into the outer districts. There are also empty office buildings and hotels in the city center. Why don’t they put people there? Don’t the city councils want refugees in their own neighborhoods?”

The spokesman of Munich social services, Frank Boos, defended the decision, stating that there are few suitable places in the city.

“Where there is a good infrastructure, there are usually no suitable areas available for housing. Almost all municipalities, including Munich, are confronted with this. We therefore have to rely on compromises,” stated Boos.

However, the unequal distribution of migrants in Munich is well documented. The wealthiest districts of Herzogpark, Altbogenhausen and Parkstadt, as well as Oberföhring all have been able to avoid any refugee accommodation plans, while the rural outskirts of Munich have seen a large influx of such residents.

In fact, this same trend holds true throughout the world, with liberal Whites fleeing from diversity or pushing on to other locales. For example, this trend is well documented in Paris.

Yes, it’s well-documented in America as well.

None of the people calling for these immigrants want to live near them.

It’s a status thing – they can show their support for immigrants, because by the act of showing support, they are also showing that they have enough money that they don’t have to live near them.

No one who doesn’t have money to escape the immigrants supports them.

It’s a… strange dynamic.

Maybe this time it’ll work?