Lady Victoria Hervey Says Coronavirus Vaccine is Part of Bill Gates’ Plot to Depopulate the World

Lady Victoria Hervey, 44

The Daily Mail recently interviewed Lady Victoria Hervey, who is sort of like the British version of Paris Hilton. She had some interesting things to say about the coronavirus hoax and Bill Gates and his vaccines.

Daily Mail:

Lady Victoria Hervey, once London’s most assiduous party-goer and celebrated It-girl, has had a life of drama and glamour, of loss redressed by hedonism.

She lost her father when she was a child; two half-brothers died prematurely — and now, aged 44, she is embarking on parenthood.

You might imagine, as she sets out on her latest adventure, that she would be circumspect about Covid. Actually she’s unconcerned. ‘It’s completely hyped! The biggest worldwide conspiracy that ever happened,’ she protests. Masks? She hasn’t bothered with them. In fact, the other week she was ejected from a chemist in LA for failing to wear one.

I’m not going to lie, I never wear one,’ she says breezily. ‘The security guard in the shop called me over and told me I had to leave because I didn’t have one on. I stormed out.’

She regards this as a curtailment of her liberty. Even so, she went into business supplying PPE at the start of the pandemic. Doesn’t this amount to hypocrisy? ‘I did a little bit of a pivot,’ she says. ‘But no, it doesn’t! I was selling it to hospitals, not to people out walking their dogs or shopping.’ She is indignant.

Lady Victoria is used to raising eyebrows — and being scoffed and sneered at — but this time she seems to be surpassing herself.

Would she have the vaccine? ‘No way!’ she cries. ‘It’s a personal thing, and my mother’s had hers, but at my age I really believe in natural immunity.’

Project Baby is also influencing her thinking — she has a prospective sperm donor/father lined up. Six of her eggs were frozen and stored three years ago, at a cost of £11,000, so Lady Victoria could become a single parent if the right man still hadn’t shown up in time.

So pending motherhood is making her cautious about having the Covid jab, she explains.

Already Bill Gates is saying, “You’re going to have to have a third vaccine.” This thing isn’t going to end. And for anyone thinking of having a baby, there’s something in the vaccine that damages the placenta and brings on miscarriages.

This is one of Bill Gates’ goals, to bring out this vaccine to depopulate the world.’

Really? The Mail wholeheartedly supports the vaccination campaign, and when I suggest to her that such off-the-wall conspiracy theories sound suspiciously like the rantings of QAnon — which has, at its heart, a completely unfounded belief that former president Donald Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in government, business and the media — she is aghast.

‘I don’t know enough about QAnon to be honest. I’m more about finding out the truth. Frankly there are a lot of crazy people on those Q boards, so I stay away from all that.’

I wonder if Victoria believes our esteemed monarch, who has encouraged us all to have the jab — even suggested we’re being selfish if we don’t — might be in on this particular conspiracy and share Bill Gates’ alleged compulsion to decimate the population.

But Lady V quickly counters: ‘I’m not saying the Queen is wrong about having the vaccine.

‘I can understand why elderly people would want to have it. And I’m not a traditional anti-vaxxer myself. Every time I’ve gone to Africa or Asia I’ve had vaccines for diseases like yellow fever.

But I’m not going to be a lab rat. OK, let’s see in two years’ time.

‘Years ago there were posters encouraging pregnant women to smoke and pharmaceutical companies were giving out heroin pills. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the vaccine years down the line so all I’m saying is let’s step back and wait and see.’

She’s a woman, which means that she uses social media. Technically, she’s already a lab rat.

But she’s right that the coronavirus mRNA vaccines haven’t been tested as long as previous vaccines, and that scientists don’t really know the long-term side effects. They don’t even know what is the exact cause of some nasty skin reactions some people get after taking the Moderna vaccine.

To be absolutely clear here: anyone saying “people could experience problems after a few years of taking the coronavirus vaccines” is correct, because no one has observed vaccinated individuals for more than a year to know if any other “side effects” arise. The statement can’t be proven false.

Consequently, anyone saying “the vaccines are safe and won’t cause problems after a few years” is categorically wrong, because it hasn’t been proven that the coronavirus vaccine won’t produce horrible side effects after a few years. The statement is proven false by the fact that not enough time has passed.