Lawyer AI to Help Man Fight Speeding Ticket in Court

If you watch the interview, you’ll notice that the guy who designed this looks like he needs help getting off of a charge, and can’t find a humanoid lawyer willing to take the case.

However, aside from that, this is actually a good idea. Unfortunately, it appears to currently only be allowed in traffic court.


In a world first, an AI system is set to help a defendant contest a parking ticket in a U.S. court of law next month. The company behind the “RobotLawyer” program, DoNotPay, claims that the AI system will provide a more affordable option for legal representation in cases such as parking and speeding tickets.

New Scientist reports that an artificial intelligence program is set to assist a defendant in a US court case next month in a groundbreaking move. The program, which will be run on a smartphone and supply appropriate responses to the defendant through an earpiece, has been developed by DoNotPay, a company founded in 2015 to help individuals fight against large organizations. While the identities of the defendant and the court remain undisclosed, it is known that the case involves a speeding ticket.

This marks the first time that DoNotPay, which describes itself as a “RobotLawyer, has used its AI program to defend a case in court. The program will analyze data from past cases to prepare the defense for the individual and respond to questions raised in court. If the AI’s advice does not help the client, DoNotPay has agreed to pay for the speeding ticket.

Given that the laws are all written by lawyers, I would expect that they are going to pass serious laws to cockblock robot lawyers.

It’s very similar to women moving to cockblock robot GFs. No one wants to be replaced by a robot, but most people don’t have the power to prevent it. Lawyers and women do have the power to prevent it, so they’re obviously going to.

We can also predict that we’re not going to be seeing “whiny Jew son-of-a-Holocaust-survivor bot” anytime soon.